New Undergraduate Students

Table 1.1 12-Month Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
Table 1.2 Application, Acceptance and Enrollment Figures for Full-Time and Part-Time Transfer Students
Table 1.3 New Undergraduates by Admission Category
Table 1.4 Academic Profile for Full-Time, First-Time Enrolled Freshmen and Regular Admits
Table 1.5 Full-Time, First-Time Enrolled Freshmen by Background Characteristics
Table 1.6 Geo-Demographic Analysis of Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen
Table 1.7 Full-Time, First-Time Enrolled Freshmen by Major Within School/College
Table 1.8 Admission Type by Ethnicity for Full-Time, First-Time Freshmen
Table 1.9 First-Time, Full- and Part-Time Enrolled Transfer Students by Background Characteristics
Table 1.10 Enrolled First-Time, Full- and Part-Time Transfer Students by Major and Accepted Transfer Credits