STEP stands for Summer Transition and Enrichment Program.

The STEP Ahead Program at Centenary University is an intense four-week residential pre-college program held during Summer Session II.  It is designed to enhance the development of a student’s self-advocacy, independence, interpersonal and academic skills.

The primary goal of the STEP Ahead Program is to appropriately prepare the student for college level work. Enrollment is limited to 12-15 students who have learning differences and whose educational background indicates a need for basic skills remediation, developmental education, or specialized supported challenges designed to address academic, social, and emotional concerns.

Admission to the program is limited to those students who have been accepted for and intend to enroll at Centenary University for the fall semester.

STEP Ahead presents the opportunity to:

  • Earn credits toward graduation
  • Develop the skills needed to succeed at the post-secondary level
  • Interact with members of the faculty in classes & seminars
  • Experience living & studying on a safe and beautiful campus
  • Establish relationships with staff and peers
  • Remediate areas of weakness and hone strengths
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources

STEP Ahead offers:

• The ability to create a personalized success plan prior to the start of the fall semester
• A professional student-centered staff
• Appropriate college level and developmental coursework
• Specific seminars & activities (e.g. Time Management, Critical Thinking, Stony Acres Challenge Course)
• Access to Professional Tutors trained in working with individuals with disabilities
• An opportunity to realize your true potential!

Admissions Procedure

Applicants that are interested in applying to STEP Ahead should fill out the Application for Intensive Support and check the appropriate box indicating interest in the STEP Ahead program.

Consideration for the STEP Ahead program is based on a thorough review of all educational records.