The mission of the Centenary University Honors Program is to inspire, motivate, and encourage academic excellence for students who demonstrate a high level of initiative, creativity, leadership, ingenuity and empathy. This program takes a holistic view of what is necessary for student success and creates opportunities via enhanced learning activities to position students for success as lifelong learners and leaders.


  1. Challenge exceptional students intellectually with an interdisciplinary, in-depth honors curriculum.
  2. Provide experiential, intercultural, and discovery learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
  3. Support the development of social and civic knowledge, responsibility and engagement in both the university and the community-at-large.
  4. Provide students with opportunities to develop and utilize leadership skills.
  5. Encourage critical scholarly inquiry with faculty guidance and mentorship.


  1. Complete and maintain the Centenary University Honors Program requirements.
  2. Complete internship, co-op, or study abroad.
  3. Demonstrate active involvement and a commitment to public action in diverse communities.
  4. Demonstrate initiative in personal and team leadership of complex or multiple activities.
  5. Complete a capstone project requiring disciplinary-related scholarly inquiry in conjunction with a faculty member.

Features of the Program:

Discovery Learning Development of Independent Thought
Community Building Fostering Intellectual Risk Taking
Transformative Development of Ethical Framework
Flexibility in Learning Fostering Scholarly Inquiry
Global Perspective Interdisciplinary