Program Narrative

The Honors Program at Centenary University encourages creative, talented, and motivated students to take full advantage of all that Centenary has to offer while fostering a strong sense of community and leadership among our Honors Scholars.

The Honors Program at Centenary University is an innovative program that is designed to enable talented students to develop an undergraduate curricular program that builds upon their interests and achievements in their chosen field.

The Honors Program at Centenary University is an opportunity for the college’s most promising students to work independently, with the close guidance of a faculty member, in the design and completion of a year-long scholarly or creative project. The “Honors Program experience” was conceived as an integrative and fulfilling capstone for student participants, as well as a vehicle for creating a distinguished scholarly and creative undergraduate student community.

The Honors Program enriches the undergraduate experience by building a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners. The program exemplifies the unique nature of an education at Centenary: interdisciplinary research, with an open and forward-thinking stance towards the arts and sciences as well as the traditions and values of humanistic inquiry.

The Centenary University Honors Program is a community of faculty and students dedicated to intellectual and creative engagement. Honors students seek excellence through continual guidance and a distinctive curriculum of critical thinking, intercultural and international understanding, experiential learning, service, and interdisciplinary studies. The end of the program is the beginning of an enriched and accomplished life.