Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Hygiene and Safety Officer
Phone: ext. 2408

Academic Accomplishments

  • D., Chemistry, University of Massachusetts
  • S., Chemistry, University of Massachusetts
  • Sc., Chemistry/Biochemistry, University of Leicester


Dr. Bal. Chohan was educated in the UK before moving to the US some two decades ago. He received a BSc from the University of Leicester, and a MS and PhD from the University of Massachusetts. He has taught at Smith College, Southwest Texas State, Susquehanna University, and the Pennsylvania State University, before arriving at Centenary in 2014.

Dr. Chohan has taught a number of courses over the years, including Chemical Concepts, History of Science, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry, and advanced courses in Environmental Chemistry, Aquatic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, and Bioinorganic Chemistry. Many of these courses are designed to help students develop an understanding of scientific reasoning and the scientific method, and expose students to the excitement of discovery in the world of chemistry. Other specialized courses are purposefully designed to provide the essential hands-on skills and tools that students will need to successfully navigate a pathway to the modern workplace or provide a stepping stone to an advanced professional degree.


Dr. Chohan’s research interest are essentially two-fold: One aspect extends his formal training as a bio-inspired inorganic/organic synthetic chemist and aims to create functional materials related to the biological world, catalytic world, and/or the nano-electronics world. The other aspect focuses on science & chemical education, pedagogical content knowledge, the development & use of analytical instruments, and promotion of the STEM subjects to middle/high school and undergraduate college students.

Published Works

Structural features of a series of S-alkylated and non-S-alkylated aminothiolate nickel(II) complexes. Chohan, B. S. Crystallography Reports. 2014, 59, 979-986.

The Use of a Custom-Built Coulometric Karl Fischer Instrument for the Determination of Water Content in Chocolate. Clippard, C. M.; Nichisti, J. C.; Kreuter, R.; Sykes, D.; Chohan, B. S. Food Analytical Methods. 2014, 8/2014.

Static Quenching of Tryptophan Fluorescence in Proteins by a Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Thiolate Complex. Rhodes, A. A.; Swartz, B. L.; Hosler, E. R.; Snyder, D. L.; Benitez, K. M.; Chohan, B. S.; Basu, S. Journal of Photochemistry and  Photobiology A: Chemistry. 2014, 293, 81-87.

Development and Characterization of an Inexpensive Portable Cyclic Voltammeter. Mott, J. R.; Munsons, P. J; Sykes, D.; Chohan, B. S. Journal of Chemical Education. 2014, 91, 1028–1036

Alkylation of a Bioinspired High Spin Ni(II)N3S2 Complex with Bifunctional Reagents. Chohan, B. S. Crystallography Reports. 2013, 58, 1067-1072.

Teaching Analytical Chemistry: Application of the SMILE initiative to Bioanalytical Chemistry Instruction. Chohan, B. S.; Sykes, D. G., in Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry, Hou, H. J. M. (Ed.), ACS Symposium Series, 2013, Chapter 6, 105-138.

Quenching of Tryptophan Fluorescence in Various Proteins by a Series of Small Nickel Complexes.  Crouse, H. F.; Potoma, J.; Nejrabi, F.; Snyder, D. L.; Chohan, B. S.; Basu, S. RSC Dalton Transactions. 2012, 41, 2720-2731.

Exhaustive Oxidation of a Nickel Dithiolate Complex: Some Mechanistic Insights Enroute to Sulfate Formation. Hosler, E. R.; Herbst, R. W.; Chohan, B. S.; Maroney, M. J. RSC Dalton Transactions.  2012, 41, 804-816.

This is a sample list.  For a detailed list of publications please contact Dr. Chohan directly.