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Our Business Administration major is designed for students who want to explore all aspects of running an efficient and successful business.

Our program will provide you with a strong background in general business principles. It also emphasizes the “softer” skills needed to thrive in today’s business world, as elements of international business, cultural diversity and ethics are highlighted throughout the curriculum.

In-Demand Skills

Business Administration students have the opportunity to choose one or more concentrations from in-demand career fields, including:

  • Accounting Centenary University’s Accounting program is perfect for students interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) — the top certifications in the world of accounting and finance.Centenary offers an innovative 150-credit dual major in Accounting and Business Administration: Finance. This program allows motivated students to complete the requirements for CPA licensure in just four years, saving time and money.
  • Finance Aimed at students who desire a career in corporate finance, investments or banking, this concentration will help you acquire critical skills in budgeting as well as financial, loan and business analysis.
  • Management This concentration is designed for students who want to become business generalists, able to pursue careers in a wide range of professional positions.
  • Marketing Through exposure to the theory and application of effective, modern marketing techniques, this concentration will teach you the strategies and techniques that companies need to grow and prosper.
  • Social Media Marketing This concentration will help you stay at the forefront of the massive shift in marketing away from traditional media toward more targeted campaigns via Facebook, Google and other interactive media.
  • Sports Management A popular concentration among professional sports fans, this program will provide you with management and marketing skills directly tied to the sports industry.

A Business Administration minor for non-business majors is also available in the Management, Marketing and Social Media Marketing concentrations.

Centenary Student Turns a Hobby Into a Business

Centenary student, Justin Dalcourt, turned his hobby into a business with the launch of Dalcourt's Desserts. Dalcourt has developed and currently sells 27 different flavors of pudding, as well as pudolis, which is the pudding version of a cannoli. He now caters for special events and his products are sold at various delis and restaurants. He has sold to several hundred clients and works with 75 regular clients on a monthly basis.

Read more about Justin Dalcourt here

Centenary Enactus Finishes Strong!

The Enactus Team from Centenary University proved that they are a force to be reckoned with when it finished in the top 16 of the 469 Colleges that competed in the National Competition in St. Louis, Missouri recently. This win gives the team the bragging rights of finishing in the top 3% of the teams in the nation. The team was the only New Jersey Enactus Chapter to advance to the semi-finals.

Read more about the Enactus team here


Our curriculum is designed to prepare you to sit for the CPA exam in New Jersey. Introductory courses focus on basic accounting principles. Advanced courses cover topics such as cost accounting, tax accounting, governmental accounting, and auditing.

Course # | Course Title | (Title Credits Completed)

Accounting Core:

  • ACC 3201 | Cost Accounting | (4)
  • ACC 3301 | Intermediate Accounting I | (4)
  • ACC 3302 | Intermediate Accounting II | (4)
  • ACC 3401 | Federal Income Taxation | (4)
  • ACC 4201 | Advanced Accounting | (4)
  • ACC 4301 | Auditing | (4)

Accounting Concentration Courses (16 Credits)

  • ACC 3201 | Cost Accounting | (4)
  • ACC 3301 | Intermediate Accounting I | (4)
  • ACC 3302 | Intermediate Accounting II | (4)
  • ACC Elective | (4)
    (Must be 3000 or 4000 level)

Data Analytics
Course numbers not available yet.

Accounting and BSBA Finance Dual Major:

  • BUS3310 | Monetary Institutions | (4)
  • BUS3320 | Financial Management | (4)
  • BUS3330 | Investment Analysis | (4)
  • BUS4310 | Financial Research & Analysis | (4)


  • BUS3310 | Monetary Institutions | (4)
  • BUS3320 | Financial Management | (4)
  • BUS3330 | Investment Analysis | (4)
  • BUS4310 | Financial Research & Analysis | (4)


  • BUS3110 | Operations Management | (4)
  • BUS3130 | Individual & Team Management | (4)
  • BUS3120 | Human Resources Management | (4)



  • BUS3410 | Marketing Research | (4)
  • BUS4410 | Sales /Sales Management | (4)
  • BUS4420 | Advertising Management & Imc | (4)


Social Media Marketing Courses:

  • BUS 2050 | Social Media Marketing | (4)
  • BUS 3045 | Digital Advertising | (4)
  • BUS 3055 | Digital Analytics | (4)
  • BUS 4050 | Social Media Strategy and Consulting | (4)

Sustainability Practices

  • BUS 2090 | Intro Sustain Practices | (4)
  • ECO 2001 | Env & Ecol Economics | (4)
  • BUS 3600 | Sustain Assessment | (4)
  • BUS 4060 | Sustainability Management Practices Capstone | (2)

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Financial Aid

Being able to pay for attending college is no easy task. Located in the Seay Building, the Office of Financial Aid offers assistance to you and your parents to ensure that you have the financial resources to focus on your education.