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Program Overview

Program Description

Take your career to the next level with Centenary University’s Associate degree program in Paralegal and Legal Assistant Studies.

This two-year program offers students an ideal blend of career preparation options and experiences that will enhance their career portfolio.

Research shows a projected 21% increase of newly employed paralegals and legal assistants within the next four years. Centenary provides you with the opportunity to capitalize on this growth potential and accomplish your career goals.

Classes are held at our Hackettstown campus and instructed by legal and law enforcement professionals with decades of experience!

Course Offerings Include:
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Law and Litigation
  • Wills and Probate
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • And more!

Courses directly associated to the Paralegal and Legal Assistant program are also desirable for other program studies including, but not limited to, social work, sociology, criminal justice, and political & governmental affairs.


Course # | Course Title | (Title Credits Completed)

  • AFC1001 | Academic Foundations at Centenary I | (4)
  • MTH1500 | Statistics for the Social Sciences (CAT II: Mathematics) | (4)
  • CAT III | Arts and Humanities: Fine Arts | (4)
  • WRI1001/1002 | Composition and Rhetoric I or Composition and Rhetoric II | (4)
  • PLS2000 | Legal Research & Writing | (4)
  • WRI1002/2012 | Composition and Rhetoric II or Advanced Composition | (4)
  • CAT III | Arts and Humanities: Humanities | (4)
  • CAT IV | Democratic Citizenship | (4)
  • PLS2001 | Law & Litigation | (4)
  • PLS2002 | Willis & Probate | (4)
  • POL1001 | U.S. Political Systems (CAT VI: Democratic Citizenship) | (4)
  • CAT V | Science w/Lab | (4)
  • PLS2003 | Real Estate | (4)
  • PLS | Elective | (2)
  • CAT III | Arts and Humanities: Literature | (4)
  • CAT VI | Global Citizenship | (4)
  • ELECTIVE | Elective1 | (2)


1. To earn an associate’s degree, all graduates must successfully complete 64 credit hours.
2. Minimum of 64 credits must be taken at Centenary University.
3. All graduates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above.
4. All graduates must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in their major(s).
5. Courses that are special topic listed in the title, typically ending with a 99, are repeatable. Courses are counted multiple times and do not preplace grades of the previous special topic course.
6. Credits can only be shared between the core and the major or core and minor requirements. Shared credits within the core requirements is not allowed.
7. Students will be guided by the degree audit sheet in effect at the time they declare specific majors(s). Category III requirements will be guided by the courses listed in the corresponding academic year catalog (once major(s) is/are declared).

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Financial Aid

Being able to pay for attending college is no easy task. Located in the Seay Building, the Office of Financial Aid offers assistance to you and your parents to ensure that you have the financial resources to focus on your education.

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The job market for paralegals and legal assistants is growing due to factors that include technology, globalization, and how paralegals and legal assistants are viewed.