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Centenary University offers teacher certification programs in New Jersey to students who are working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree Biology, English, History, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Liberal Arts.

Centenary University is known for its innovative approach to teaching special education methodologies to tomorrow’s teachers.  We were one of the first institutions with education programs in New Jersey to provide a dual certification program for general education and special education students.

Once you are admitted to the program, we work with you to ensure your success at Centenary and support continues when you become an educator.

Title II Institutional Report of Praxis Test Passing Rates

Students who enroll in the Education Department at Centenary may become certified in:

* Middle School subject area endorsements (grades 5-8) can only be pursued in conjunction with the Elementary Education certification program.

Special Education Program

The Special Education program is designed to prepare teachers to work effectively in support and inclusive settings with children and youth with disabilities and their families. We offer an approach that prepares teachers with and understanding of the foundations and current issues in special education, including federal and state rules and regulations.

Our graduates can effectively use assessment data to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate individualized instruction for students with disabilities. And, they learn how to adapt and modify instruction and design accommodations to promote success for students with disabilities in special and inclusive settings.

Future teachers learn how to work in collaboration with families, community members, general education teachers, and other professionals who work with students with disabilities.

The learning approach is heavily hands-on and crosses-over into general education so that our graduates understand how all children learn in their different learning styles.

Our program prepares teachers to think critically and act responsibly as professionals within the changing field of special education.

Education Department Policy Handbook and Guides to Practicum
and Student Teaching
The Education Department Policy Handbook The Guide to Practicum and Student Teaching in Special Education
 The Clinical Experience Guide for CO-OPS  The Guide to Practicum and Student Teaching
 The Unit Plan Organizer