Application Procedures

Orientations are held the semester prior to Practicum (EDU 3080) and Student Teaching (EDU 4050) to explain procedures in detail. Attendance at orientations is mandatory. Notice of these meetings is posted in the Education Department. Watch for them two or three weeks into a semester. At these meetings, application forms and procedures are distributed and explained.

The University has developed working relationships with area schools that reflect an agreement in philosophy and approach toward training new professionals, so faculty will help students choose schools. These schools vary in location, composition of students, goals, and need to be located within a 30 minute radius of the college.

Students rank their top three school choices for placement, and will hopefully be placed in one of the three districts. Choices cannot include a school where a student’s children attend or where family members are enrolled or employed. Schools accept or reject candidates for a variety of reasons such as whether or the not the résumé is well done, whether the skills offered complement what they have, how many other students they have been asked to accept, etc.

Upon receipt of the completed paper work and résumé, the Education Department acts on placement of students for the upcoming semester on a first-come, first-served basis. On occasion, students do not receive any of their top three choices. The education department reserves the right to place a student in an appropriate school district that will provide the best opportunity for teacher training.

Variety of School Assignments

To ensure a variety of school assignments, students are encouraged to select a variety of school experiences.


School assignments are made on the basis of contracts with public schools. This process involves obtaining permission and approval of the local school board as well as school personnel. This is a serious commitment by the University and the school on behalf of the student.

If a student does not properly conduct him or herself in the placement, he or she can be removed from the placement. That student would not complete the Practicum or Student Teaching experience. Each situation is considered separately. The final determination for removal from EDU 3080 or EDU 4050 is at the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Director of Teacher Certification.


The deadlines for completion of the Contract for both Practicum and Student Teaching for each semester are as follows:

  • Fall Semester-December 1st
  • Spring Semester-May 1st

Failure on the student’s part to adhere to these deadlines will be sufficient reason for the Placement to be canceled and therefore postponed for at least one semester and will require the student to re-apply.

Evaluation for Candidacy for Practicum & Student Teaching

Candidacy Requirements:

In compliance with state guidelines students working in field experience in the schools need to possess appropriate interpersonal skills such that they positively interact with cooperating teachers, University supervisors, school administrators, students, parents, etc.

The Education Department Faculty has to feel confident that students are capable of this in order to approve students for Practicum and Student Teaching.

1. Practicum

  • Students must be at junior status with a 3.0 GPA.
  • Students must have completed at least 12 credits of education courses including at least one at the 3000 level.
  • Students must complete 20 hours of observation in public schools prior to applying for Practicum. Evidence of completion of observations must be presented at time of application.
  • Students must have completed registration for the appropriate Praxis II Exam(s) and present proof at time of application for Practicum.
  • Students must have successfully completed criminal history background forms and procedures.
  • Students are reviewed (and approved or delayed) by the Education Department upon application for Practicum.

2. Student Teaching

  • Upon successfully completing Practicum, the Education faculty reviews candidates for student teaching. Students are admitted to Student Teaching their final semester provided they have:
  • Maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 for the sophomore, junior and first term of the senior years.
  • Demonstrated teaching competency through completion of EDU 3080 with a grade of B or better and have acceptable evaluation reports by supervisors.
  • Completed required sequence of education courses with grades of B or better.
  • Successfully passed the appropriate Praxis II Exam(s) at the time of application. Students may re-take the Praxis II Exam(s) only twice (three times total). All test scores must be reported to the Education Department.
  • Completed Student Teaching Advisor/Student check list.
  • Successfully completed Criminal History Background documentation.