Meet my Professor: Dr. Robert Battistini

Professor Battistini is the American Literature specialist at Centenary University, and like most professors here, he’s not content to treat his subject as a mere abstraction. “I try to earn my students’ respect and interest anew every class period. I never assume that just because I find something interesting my students will too.” And this isn’t just true for us lit geeks: “Of course I love my majors, but my deeper ethical responsibility is to everyone else. If I can persuade an accounting major to be shocked by an irresponsible analogy, then I’m having a good day at Centenary.”

Centenary Professor Presents at the Dodge Poetry Festival

Centenary University Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Emilia Phillips, presented at the Dodge Poetry Festival in October at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

Centenary University Chair Participates in the Harvard University Management Development Program

Dr. Sharon Decker, Centenary University’s Chair of the English and Foreign Languages Department and Associate Professor of English, participated in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Management Development Program designed for mid-level administrators. Dr. Decker was recommended by Dr. James Patterson, Centenary University Chief Academic Officer and Provost and Dr. Gerard O’Sullivan, Provost of St. Peter’s University.