In conjunction with the Office of International Programs, the Equine Studies department offers a 16-credit Semester Abroad for equine majors in either their junior year or the first semester of their senior year. Currently, Centenary provides Semester Aboard studies in Gloucester, England at the University of West England – Hartpury College. Visit the Hartpury College Web site.

f8ec45b12aThe principal program offered is for students wishing to study to take the British Horse Society’s Preliminary Teaching Certification exam, but other programs are available.

Information on these programs can be obtained directly from Kelly Munz.

Students receiving Centenary Scholarship(s) and/or Grant(s) must contact the Financial Aid Office for the details on the limit of Centenary funds a student may receive while studying abroad.

Students must complete a “letter of intent” and an application at least two semesters before their intended semester abroad to be considered for the Equine Semester Abroad. Approval of both the Equine Studies Department and the Office of International Programs is required.

Testimonies of Participants

Hartpury Experience - Kayla Felstedt ('13)

“My experience [at Hartpury] was awesome! I learned so much and they had a lot of opportunities that I wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else! It helped me to grow and have a more worldly view of the horse industry.”

Home away from home - Ashley Reimel ('09)

“Hartpury College is very much like a home away from home. The support I have received during my transition to, not only a new school but a new country, has been fantastic! Hartpury staff are always so positive, which has been very motivating during my stay. I plan to rise to the challenge academically and embrace the chance to gain my own independence. It gives me great pleasure to persuade anyone to join the Study Abroad program at Hartpury.”

Best experience of my life - Heather Bowen ('09)

“The Study Abroad program here at Hartpury College has been the best experience of my life and has been simply unforgettable. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and travel to so many beautiful places. I have grown as a person, a friend, a student and, most of all, it has shown me that life is what you make of it and to make the most of it.”