UStART at Centenary

Dr. Keith Morgen, Director
908-852-1400, x2419

UStART is a unique opportunity provided to a select few psychology majors who are Psi Chi members or eligible for Psi Chi induction. UStART is a research team supervised by Dr. Morgen that permits undergraduate psychology majors to create research projects using large-scale data from substance abuse treatment facilities. In the past ten years, the UStART has produced 40 conference presentations and three publications all co-authored by undergraduate students and Dr. Morgen. Some of the work of UStART will be presented as a model for undergraduate research training in the upcoming forensic psychology text Aging Behind Prison Walls (Columbia University Press).

SPURS at Centenary

Dr. Jeremy Ashton Houska
Principal Investigator
Ph.D. Experimental Psychology 
908-852-1400, x2052

SPURS (Social/Personality Undergraduate Research Squad) provides Psychology majors, at various stages of their development, a traditional “lab group” research experience. Research assistants play a variety of roles in developing, conducting, and analyzing data from true experiments, quasi-experiments, meta-analysis, and correlational studies in the realms of social and personality psychology. Research studies are often administered using specialized stimulus presentation software, as well as online measures. Under Dr. Houska’s advisement, a number of upper-division Psychology students (SPURS affiliates) have conducted independent research studies that span many domains in Psychological Science.

See student presentations and learn more about SPURS

About the Eastern Psychological Association

The EPA was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of the regional Psychological Associations in the United States. Though a major regional conference, the EPA Conference actually draws from all over the country so the UStART students are presenting their work in a professional forum for a nationwide audience. The unique nature of the UStART experience has also received attention, as Dr. Morgen gave an invited address on the topic at the 2012 EPA Conference and presented a 2011 teaching of psychology paper on the UStART experience at the 2011 EPA Conference.