5 Reasons To Study Theatre At Centenary University

1. The Centenary Stage Company

Association with The Centenary Stage Company, a professional theatre company, allows students have the opportunity to audition for, be cast in, and work on professional theatre productions while attending Centenary University.  There are a minimum of two student productions each season.

Students who perform in Centenary Stage company productions have the option to join the Equity Membership Candidate Program to earn EMC points while working toward their degree.  Centenary Stage Company is a member of the New Jersey Theater Alliance.

They also have the chance to work alongside working professionals and build a network outside the college environment. Our proximity to New York City brings to the campus not only working actors, but professional designers, directors and theatre artists on an ongoing basis.  By observing the work ethic of these individuals and developing a network, students get a step ahead outside of the college environment.

The New York Times reported on how unique the experience at Centenary University is for its students. Participation in acting and production combine to offer students a step ahead of other programs.

2. Three Performance Spaces

Having three different performance spaces creates more opportunities for students to perform.  These performance spaces will also educate the performer in handling different sized spaces vocally, physically, and emotionally depending on the demands of the production they are in and allow students multiple opportunities to hone their skills in different environments.

Sitnick Theatre

Large scale musicals as well as dramatic productions take place in the 487 seat, state-of-the-art Sitnick Theatre.

The Little Theatre

The 177 seat Little Theatre houses smaller productions and our children productions.

Black Box Theatre

The 100 seat Multipurpose Black Box space allows customization of the environment, encourages audience participation, and promotes creative stage design.

3. Learning by Doing Philosophy

At Centenary University the thought process is learning by doing. With four concentrations in theatre (acting, dance, technical theatre, and production management) a BA in Theatre at Centenary University will expose students to all aspects of the theatre world. The more tools a student has in their “tool box” will give a student more opportunities to be a working professional in the theatre. Teaching students as much as possible about all aspects in the theatre will teach the student to become a well rounded working theatre professional.

4. Performance Opportunities

As an undergraduate theatre major, students will have multiple opportunities to perform. From the Centenary Stage Company, to Centenary University Productions, to Children’s Theatre Tour, to the Dance Concert, to assisting and working with the Young Performers Workshop, students engage in the act of “creating theatre” on a multitude of levels.

5. We are a BA in Theatre

Although we have an association with the Centenary Stage Company, and much of the program is intense much like conservatory programs, Centenary University’s Theatre Program is not a BFA. The BA in Theatre allows students and past graduates to double major, minor in other areas, study abroad, experience all aspects of what college has to offer.  Experiencing the rigors of a liberal arts education and exploring the college community as a whole, prevents them from being shut out of other educational opportunities that presented along the way. In attending a small college, professors from other departments become involved, assist, and engage students to utilize all aspects of their educational experience.