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Quality graphic design can attract and persuade people. Perhaps that’s how you ended up here?

In Centenary University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Visual Arts, Graphic Design concentration, you will learn how to use digital illustration, photography and visual editing to grab and hold onto your audience. You will pursue in-depth studies on the most effective techniques to organize visual information and written content.

The Graphic Design curriculum covers the most current topics that will help you prepare for your career, including typeface, literary layout and corporate branding. You will also take a selection of foundational art courses to develop your skills in drawing and painting.

A Career with a Future

Our Graphic Design program will provide you with a hands-on experience working on media ranging from posters to billboards to television ads. You will also acquire skills in book, magazine and newspaper layout.

With the explosive growth in interactive, online media, graphic designers have more options than ever for career opportunities. Our graduates have gone on to work as advertising managers, 3-D modelers, art directors, illustrators and web developers.

Like all programs at Centenary, we support and encourage our students to pursue internships — both locally and in the not-too-far-away corporate centers of New York and Philadelphia.


  • AFC 1001 Academic Foundations at Centenary I (4)
  • WRI1001/1002 Composition and Rhetoric I or Composition and Rhetoric II (4)
  • VAR 1000 Introduction to Computer Graphics (4)
  • VAR 1005 Drawing I (4)
  • WRI1002/2012Composition and Rhetoric II or Advanced Composition (4)
  • VAR 1003 Design and Color Fundamentals (4)
  • VAR 2001 History of Art (CAT III Core: Fine Arts) (4)
  • VAR 2016 Graphic Design I (4)
  • CAT II Mathematics (4)
  • VAR 2007 History of Graphic Design (4)
  • VAR 2008 Typography (4)
  • VAR2002 History of Modern Art (4)
  • CAT V Lab Science (4)
  • VAR 1004 Three-Dimensional Design (4)
  • VAR 1006 Drawing II (4)
  • VAR 2017 Graphic Design II (4)
  • CAT IV Social and Behavioral Sciences (4)
  • VAR 2015 Through the Camera Lens: Design and Reportage (4)
  • VAR 3007 Computer Animation for Multi-Media and Video (4)
  • VAR 3005 Web Design I (4)
  • VAR 4001 Design Communication (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • VAR 3002 Digital Illustration (4)
  • VAR3006 Web Design II (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • CAT VI Global Citizenship (4)
  • CAT VI Democratic Citizenship (4)
  • VAR 4007 Senior Project in the Visual Arts I: Graphic Design (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • CAT III Arts and Humanities: Literature (4)
  • CAT III Arts and Humanities: Humanities (4)
  • VAR 4008 Senior Project in the Visual Arts II: Graphic Design (4)


1. To earn a Bachelor degree, all graduates must successfully complete a minimum of 128 credit hours.
2. Minimum of 32 credits must be taken at Centenary University.
3. All graduates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above.
4. All graduates must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA in their major(s).
5. Courses that are special topic listed in the title, typically ending with a 99, are repeatable. Courses are counted multiple times and do not replace grades of the previous special topic course.
6. Credits can only be shared between the core and the major or core and minor requirements. Shared credits within the core requirements is not allowed.

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