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With the right training, there is no reason art can’t be your passion — and your career.

Centenary University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in the Visual Arts, Studio Arts concentration, will enable you to explore a wide variety of aesthetic concepts, theories and visual ideas that will prepare you to become a creator, analyst, communicator, problem-solver, critiquer and a theorist in the Art and Design field. These are skills that will help you pursue graduate study in Art History or Business Management or take on careers in fields including photography, art therapy, illustration in various areas in addition to an array of museum/gallery positions.

Our Studio Arts students will acquire knowledge in technical and visual techniques, so they will be able to work with a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, and three-dimensional design, as well as current methods in mixed media. The curriculum includes a strong focus in liberal arts, as well as intertwining inter-disciplinary courses with a digital emphasis in graphic design.

Individual Creativity Encouraged

In our Studio Arts program, you will develop a practiced expertise for independent work in the art and design field. Our graduates have moved on to positions as art directors, gallery/museum managers, art teachers, as well as decorative specialists and retail designers.

In the senior year, candidates for the B.F.A. are required to complete a comprehensive capstone senior project. This project usually takes the form of a one-person exhibition in the university gallery. Students are required to demonstrate artistic competency in three mediums, write a senior thesis statement paper, produce a professional portfolio and learn the aesthetic, technical, and legal/business aspects of the gallery curatorial process.

With this combination of academic and “real-world” pragmatic experience, our graduates have gone on to prestigious (MA) programs in Art Therapy as well as Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) programs at top schools including Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design in New York.


  • AFC 1001 Academic Foundations at Centenary I (4)
  • VAR 1005 Drawing I (4)
  • WRI 1001/1002 Comp & Rhet I OR Comp & Rhet II (4)
  • VAR 1000 Introduction to Computer Graphics (4)
  • WRI 1002/1012 Comp & Rhet II OR WRI 2012 Advanced Comp (4)
  • VAR 1003 Design and Color Fundamentals (4)
  • VAR 1006 Drawing II (4)
  • CAT II Mathematics (4)
  • VAR 2001 History of Art (CAT III: Fine Arts)
    VAR 2002 History of Modern Art (CAT III: Fine Arts) (4)
  • CAT V Lab Science (4)
  • VAR 2011 Life Drawing and Anatomy (4)
  • VAR 2013 Painting I (4)
  • CAT IV Social and Behavioral Science (4)
  • CAT VI Global Citizenship (4)
  • VAR 1004 Three-Dimensional Design (4)
  • VAR 2014 Painting II (4)
  • CAT III Arts and Humanities: Humanities (4)
  • VAR 2015 Through the Camera Lens: Design and Reportage (4)
    VAR 3002 Digital Illustration (4)
  • VAR 3010 Printmaking I (4)
  • VAR 3013 Painting III (4)
  • CAT III Arts and Humanities: Literature (4)
  • VAR 3011 Printmaking II (4)
  • VAR 3014 Painting IV (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • VAR 3021 Monotype (4)
  • VAR 4003 Senior Thesis Project in the Visual Arts I: Studio Art (4)
  • CAT VI Democratic Citizenship (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • VAR 4004 Senior Thesis Project in the Visual Arts II: Studio Art (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)
  • ELECTIVE Elective (4)


1. To earn a Bachelor degree, all graduates must successfully complete a minimum of 128 credit hours.
2. Minimum of 32 credits must be taken at Centenary University.
3. All graduates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above.
4. All graduates must have a minimum of 2.0 GPA in their major(s).
5. Courses that are special topic listed in the title, typically ending with a 99, are repeatable. Courses are counted multiple times and do not replace grades of the previous special topic course.
6. Credits can only be shared between the core and the major or core and minor requirements. Shared credits within the core requirements is not allowed.
7. Effective September 2015, students may share appropriate courses from their major to satisfy Centenary’s general core requirements.
8. Students may repeat VAR courses from 2000, 3000, or 4000 level, in order to build exhibition content for their Capstone Solo Thesis Exhibition Project I and II.

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