As a part of our ongoing dedication to excellence in writing, Centenary University has launched the Writing Placement Portfolio Program, an optional assessment tool for first year composition course placement.

All students, in all majors (disciplines), are required to complete a Category II: Writing and Quantitative Literacy Core Requirement English class.

ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric is the only course that will fulfill this requirement. 

If students are enrolled in the prerequisite course, ENG1000: College English, they will then enroll in ENG1001 the following semester to fulfill the Category II: Writing and Quantitative Literacy requirement in English.

The Courses

From the Centenary University Course Catalog

ENG1000: College English*

College English (ENG 1000) is the foundation course that will prepare entering students for college-level skills in writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. All entering students will be enrolled in ENG 1000, unless they are exempted on the basis of SAT scores. The course will meet for four class hours a week. Students will receive two credits toward graduation, but no credit toward English department requirements. It is the first of two first-year courses in the English department. Upon passing this course, students should enroll in English 1001 the following semester.

ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric*

An introduction to the basics of effective writing: clarity of purpose, use of pertinent supporting details, standardized grammar and usage appropriate to the context, and well-balanced paragraph structures. Techniques for conducting research and documenting sources are introduced as part of formal writing procedures, leading to the required research paper. Please Note: This course is a prerequisite for all 2000+ English courses.

*In the case of a discrepancy between this web page and the university catalog, the college catalog takes precedence as the university’s official documentation on course descriptions and information.

How the Writing Portfolio Program Works

In the past, placement into either ENG1000 or ENG1001 has been determined by earned scores from the SAT, ACT or AP exams. As an alternative, the Writing Placement Portfolio Program has been created to offer students another option for English course placement.

If there is no placement exam score or if the SAT score has placed a student into ENG1000: College English, students have the option of submitting a Writing Placement Portfolio to be reviewed by the Portfolio Committee.  Once reviewed, there is a possibility that the student will be moved from the prerequisite course, ENG1000: College English, and placed directly into ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric, the course required to fulfill the Category II: Writing and Quantitative Literacy requirement in English.

The Writing Placement Portfolio consists of:

  • a Writer’s Memo
  • Research Paper
  • Text Analysis
  • Descriptive Essay
  • and an Optional Creative Work of the student’s choosing

Determinations for the Category II: Writing and Quantitative Literacy requirement in English will be dependent on this optional portfolio, regardless of exam placement scores. Once submitted, the portfolio will be reviewed and scored by the Portfolio Placement Committee using a rubric designed for placement purposes.

Should the student choose to submit an optional portfolio for course placement, its contents must be no more than twelve pages and include original copies with no markings or corrections. If you are a high school student, you must have your portfolio verified and signed by a teacher or guidance counselor prior to submission.

The following webpages will provide you with all the information you need to submit the optional Writing Placement Portfolio Program for class placement. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Portfolio Placement Committee at

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