Writing Portfolio FAQs

I am registered for ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric. Do I need to submit a Writing Placement Portfolio?

No. The Writing Placement Portfolio option is only available if you have been placed into ENG1000: College English based on either the Verbal section of your submitted SAT scores or the lack of any other placement exam score.

Am I required to submit a Writing Placement Portfolio if I have already been placed into ENG1000: College English?

No. The Writing Placement Portfolio is optional. It has been created to offer you another option for English course placement.

If my SAT score has placed me in ENG1000: College English but my Writing Placement Portfolio score placed me into ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric, which course will I take when I begin the semester?

You will start the semester in ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric. The Writing Placement Portfolio score will override any other placement exam score.

How will I know if my Writing Placement Portfolio has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email from the Portfolio Placement Committee within two days of the Committee receiving your submitted Writing Placement Portfolio. If all the pieces to your portfolio are there, it will then be logged in for review.

What happens to my Writing Placement Portfolio once the Portfolio Placement Committee has received it?

Once we receive your portfolio, the Portfolio Program Developer will check to make sure all the pieces are there and email you a confirmation email.

He/she will then assign a code to your portfolio, removing any identifying marks from your writing, making sure the code has been noted on your Profile Form, which is then filed in a locked file cabinet.

From there, the coded portfolio will be distributed to the Committee for review. All portfolios are marked with a numerical code and at no time will a member of the Portfolio Placement Committee know whose portfolio he/she is reading.

How long will it take for the Placement Committee to read my Writing Placement Portfolio?

Because several people will read your Writing Placement Portfolio and assess it for placement, you should allow at least two full weeks for your portfolio to be read and scored.

How will I know if I am exempt from ENG1000: College English and placed into ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric?

The Portfolio Placement Committee will notify you through email. The Committee will also notify the Academic Success and Advising Center so that you are registered into a section of ENG1001 before classes begin.

What if my Writing Placement Portfolio does not achieve the required score to place me into ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric?

You will be registered for ENG1000: College English and will then need to register for ENG1001: Composition & Rhetoric the following semester. Only ENG1001 fulfills the Category II: Writing and Quantitative Literacy requirement in English.

Who is on the Portfolio Placement Committee? Will one of the committee members be my professor when I begin classes?

The Portfolio Placement Committee is made up of an assembly of a variety of different people who take part in the teaching and tutoring of First Year Composition. In addition to the Director of the Composition Program, the Committee also includes several Instructors who teach both ENG1000 and ENG1001. The Director of The Writing Collaboratory, the campus writing center, also serves as a Committee member, as do several of the Writing Consultants who tutor in the Collaboratory.

It’s possible that your professor of ENG1000: College English may have been a reader on the Portfolio Placement Committee. Since all identifying information is removed from your portfolio as soon as is it is logged into the system, you—and your professor—will not know if he/she read your submitted writing.

What will the Portfolio Placement Committee be looking for when reading my Writing Placement Portfolio?

The Committee will be reading your portfolio for audience awareness, an idea of purpose and an understanding of specific genres. Your ability to do solid research and articulate your arguments will come into consideration, as will an understanding of how to integrate others’ ideas into your writing, including how to cite outside works. Critical thinking will be an important part of the writing you submit to the Committee: an awareness of perspectives outside your own and a comprehension of how to address the end results of the decisions made through critical actions. Download the Writing Placement Portfolio Program Scoring Guide

Can I write in first person?

If the genre in which you are writing aligns with the first person point-of-view, definitely. A Descriptive Essay, for example, is often a narrative and is relayed through first person narration.

Can I include images with my writing?

Yes, but be cautious of the overall portfolio page limit of 12 pages.

Do I need to cite my sources?

Yes, definitely. All sources and ideas not your own must be properly cited using a standard citation style such as MLA or APA.

You can find information the the Purdue OWL:

I keep a blog. Can I submit that for my Optional Creative Work?

Yes, definitely. Simply provide the Portfolio Placement Committee with the URL to your blog. You can include the URL in your Writer’s Memo.