Admissions Award Renewal Policy And Appeals Procedure

Updated 2013/05/015


Students are notified of the maximum number of semesters for which their admission award(s) will be valid. They are also notified that they must maintain continuous full time enrollment to maintain their award(s). Some students do not graduate within the required number of semesters.


Student who wish to appeal for additional semesters of their admission award must appeal in writing to the Director of Financial Aid. Appeals should support that the student was unable to complete the required coursework in the timeframe allotted under the award requirements and the plan to complete the required coursework. Appeals should include supporting documentation from the student and from the student’s academic advisor


Each student should meet with their academic advisor in advance of submitting an appeal. The academic advisor should detail why the student was unable to comply with the requirements of the award. In addition, the academic advisor should det ail the graduation plan for the student. The purpose of this is to provide academic support to the student’s appeal and to ensure that the student is aware of the academic requirements for graduation. The Department Chair will verify and sign off on all appeals.
The student should compose a written explanation of why he/she was unable to comply with the requirements of the award. Each appeal should be written by the student and detail the reasons that the student did not comply with the requirements of the award. The student should submit the appeal along with the information from their academic advisor to the Financial Aid Office.
The Director of Financial Aid will review the student’s appeal. If the appeal is approved, the Director of Financial Aid will update the system to indicate the additional semester(s) of award(s) and will reinstate the award(s) as necessary.