The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a "leader and linchpin in the higher education system's effort to increase diversity."

Our Mission

The Educational Opportunity Program is designed to provide each qualified participant a rich academic environment along with a variety of support services and financial assistance. The mission is to provide comprehensive support for first generation collegiate students through the Centenary University academic and social environment. With support, their experience in this environment will nurture each participant to grow and prosper academically and enhance their social readiness, leading to adults that can lead stable, complete and independent lives, financial or otherwise.

This educational program is committed to a high standard of productivity, efficiency, leadership, and community outreach. It aims to serve its participants while also supporting the growth of the academic landscape at Centenary University. By guiding and supporting its participants towards high achievement in the areas of community service, academic rigor, and collegiate integrity the program will be able to continue to foster its incredible relationship with Centenary and all of its traditions.

A Collaborative Effort

The EOP program provides academic, financial, and personal counseling to assist in the retention and graduation of first-generation students. The staff works in unison with other departments of the Academic Success Center. They also maintain close contact with faculty and staff to foster the person academic development of each EOP student.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for acceptance into the EOP Program at Centenary University, you must:

Chi Alpha Epsilon

Founded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Chi Alpha Epsilon was launched in 1990 in response to an increasing need to acknowledge the continuing successes of students in the university’s Academic Development Program.

Chi Alpha Epsilon was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to Universitys and universities through non-traditional criteria or who utilize development and educational support services. Its purpose is to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor the academic excellence of those students admitted to University via developmental/opportunity program pathways or Student Support Services. The involvement of eligible alumni further enables networking for members. Programs sponsored by the society’s chapters encourage other students toward academic accomplishment.

Membership in Chi Alpha Epsilon is offered through local campus chapters to eligible students and alumni. Students who hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. for two consecutive full-time semesters, or three or four consecutive part-time semesters, and who were admitted to the University/university via developmental or higher education opportunity type programs, as well as students who participate in the Student Support Services and Federal Grant Programs are eligible for membership.

Summer Program

The most comprehensive transitional service offered to EOP students is the six-week Summer Academic Enrichment Program. The program is designed to identify and strengthen areas of academic limitations and to orient them to Centenary’s Community and Culture.

All incoming freshmen are placed in University competitive Math and English courses throughout the summer to determine their placement (for the Fall semester) during the program. Students are informed and counseled on the benefits and efforts put towards a matriculated program in the fall semester and its contingency upon successful completion of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program. Each student is also provided 13 meals (per week) and residential accommodations during the entire six week program. During their stay, the resident assistants (RA’s) supervise and advise them in all areas of their newly adopted University lives. These RA’s are upper-class students charged with the responsibility of not only monitoring but also befriending the incoming EOP freshmen and introducing them to the social aspects of University life. This program is intense with every intention to prepare each student with the opportunity to compete academically throughout the semester, while earning University credits.

At the end of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program, students will be registered for the fall, based on their successful completion of the Summer program, SAT/ACT results, and the professors’ assessments of their abilities, determined by their performance in the program. Each of the summer instructors submits a student roster with a letter grade for each student and provides additional feedback on each student.


The tutoring component of EOP allows students the access to professional support from professional and peer tutors. Students are provided a friendly environment whereas they are the center of their learning supported by a staff invested in their academic growth. Each student has an active role in their academics and tutoring becomes a fundamental part in the entire process.

EOP has professional tutors, as well as peer tutors on staff which each student will be introduced to upon their initial summer program.

EOP students have the opportunity to participate in programs that uplift and support the University’s tutorial services. The program emphasizes that each student must take responsibility for his/her own success while participating in this state funded initiative.

Student Initiatives

EOP Student, Roberto Romero (class of 17′) participated in the Sole4Souls, Inc. A global non profit organization, dedicated to fighting the devastating impacts of poverty in Honduras and many other impoverished areas. Roberto along with two other Centenary students and Professor Angie Desai, participated in a 5 day humanitarian project that teamed up with Soles4Soul. The students spent 5 days in Honduras, visiting villages, and orphanage’s. During their stay they distributed over 1000 pairs of shoes and experienced, which they all described as a “life changing” experiences.

We would like to recognize Roberto and his fellow students for their selfless dedication and humanitarian effort to help others and make a difference in the lives of many around the globe.

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