Before Career Fair

  • Plan to wear a professional outfit, first impressions are critical
  • Do not wear jeans, t-shirts, wrinkled clothes, sneakers or hats
  • Employers strongly discourage mini-skirts, tank/halter/sleeveless tops, low cut or tight shirts
  • Women – pants suit, blazer with skirt or dress, conservative color, little jewelry or perfume
  • Men – wear a suit, jacket and tie with slacks, conservative color, little cologne or aftershave

Bring Copies of Resume

  • Check for typos, font, spacing, spelling, and grammar errors
  • Visit Career Development and Community Engagement for quick resume edits
  • Keep resumes in a folder or portfolio at the event, you can then write notes after conversations

Research Employers

  • Decide which employers you want to speak with and prioritize them, our list is on CCN
  • Visit their websites and take notes on company culture, contacts and position types

Market Yourself

  • Prepare a 30-60 second introduction about yourself – major, year in school, prior jobs and internships, career interests, activities, skills and strengths.

*Why are you interested in them and why should they pick you?*

Career Fair Day

  • Arrive early, employers are at their most energetic and there is less competition
  • Bring a pen, folder or portfolio for your resumes
  • Turn off cell phones when near employers
  • Introduce yourself, make good eye contact, and offer a firm handshake
  • Give the recruiter your resume and tell him/her about yourself and your career interests
  • Ask questions about job openings/descriptions, the organization, application procedures, etc
  • Collect business cards and employer materials
  • Practice on employers who aren’t your ideal choice first, learn from any mistakes and nerves

After Career Fair

  • Send a thank you letter or email message
  • Restate your interest to those employers in which you are particularly interested