For students interested in Student Employment:

Prior to applying for a Student Employment position, please familiarize yourself with the Student Employment Handbook and Student Rights and Responsibilities to fully understand the policies and procedures involved with Student Employment.

What is Student Employment?

The Student Employment program is designed to give Centenary students the opportunity to earn money and get on-the-job training while pursuing a degree. It provides on-campus part-time employment that is funded through Financial Aid and Centenary University. There are also a limited number of off-campus positions that fulfill Centenary’s commitment to partnering with the community.

International Students need to initiate the Student Employment process through the International Student Services Assistant.

Students are advised to choose positions in their field of interest in order to gain the long-term benefit of working in an area that serves their goals and plans.

Is Student Employment the same thing as “Work-Study”?

Some students receive a letter in their financial aid package stating that they are eligible for “federal work-study”. “Work-study” is the term used when the federal government provides money for students to work on campus. Since all students at Centenary University are eligible for work-study, not just those who have received federal funds, on-campus employment is called “Student Employment.”

How can I get a work-study job?

When we become aware of openings, they will be posted in the “Current Openings” section in the left menu.

To apply for a position, students must fill out the General Application form, along with any other applications/documents required for that particular position according to the position posting, and E-MAIL their application to the respective supervisor.

Applications will be accepted until the posting has been filled, at which point it will be removed from the Current Openings page. Paper applications will not be accepted.

All hiring will be conducted independently by each department.

There is no limit to the number of positions to which each student can apply, but a separate application must be completed for EACH position. Students are highly encouraged to read through the job description for each position and tailor their applications accordingly.

Openings will be posted as they are received throughout the year. Job seeking students are encouraged to check the Current Openings page weekly for any new openings. The majority of new openings are posted in August before the start of the fall semester.

What do I need to do before I start working?

Once you have secured a position through a department supervisor, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork in the Career Center BEFORE YOU START WORK. All paperwork must be processed and approved by the Career Center, Financial Aid, and Payroll before you can start logging hours.

First, you must obtain the Student Employment Contract from the Career Center, complete the form, and have your supervisor sign it. When you return to the Career Center you will need to fill out your hiring paperwork.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires that the employment eligibility of everyone (including students) be verified prior to the start of employment. This verification is done on the I-9 form, which you will fill out in the Career Center. You will need to bring:


  • U.S. Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Alien Registration Receipt Card


  • Photo ID (Driver’s License, Photo ID issued by Federal, State or Local Government Agencies, Student ID)
  • Original Social Security Card (Sorry, no copies!)

In addition, each student must complete a W-4 form in order to be taxed at the appropriate rate.

Students who have previously worked on campus need only to fill out a new employment contract upon returning in the fall, but likewise are NOT permitted to begin work until their supervisor receives notification from the Payroll office.

Students who log hours prior to the completion of their hiring paperwork will be at risk for termination of employment.