By following our “Four-Year Plan,” we are confident you will graduate from Centenary prepared to land your dream job. Bullet points in bold are especially important for that academic year.

Remember, #CENT — Connect, Explore, Network, Transition

Year 1: Commitment to making Connections

  • Get to know your faculty and advisors, and make a point to meet them outside of class time
  • Join student groups that match your interests, both personal and professional
  • Meet with a career development representative
  • Learn about the local community, in and out of Centenary

Year 2: Explore and Develop Skills

  • Select or reevaluate your choice of major; consider a minor that fulfills another interest
  • Take an interest inventory if you want help brainstorming major/career ideas
  • Maintain involvement on campus and consider leadership positions in your student group
  • Attend career fairs and Career Development programs
  • Explore CCN: consider part-time jobs and internships in your field of interest
  • Complete or polish your resume and make it employer-ready
  • Talk with a career representative about how your major may connect with careers

Year 3: Network to enhance Skills

  • Strengthen relationships with faculty members and consider them as references
  • Take the lead in a leadership position of one of your student groups
  • Consider studying abroad as an option to expand your world view
  • Apply for and obtain an internship in a field of interest
  • Master interviewing skills for your meetings with employers
  • Research graduate school options and consider if this is a possible next step

Year 4: Transition to Knowledge

  • Finish academic requirements and become an expert on a focus area in your major
  • Attend Career Development workshops to sharpen knowledge and skills
  • Take a class just for fun to explore an interest one more time
  • Utilize the Career Development’s job search resources and seek full-time employment
  • Schedule a practice interview at Career Development
  • Study for and take graduate school entrance exams
  • Inform Career Development of success during/after final year

We Are Here to Help

Career Development is in the Seay Building, open 8:30 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday. We encourage students to schedule an appointment to meet with us.