Before the Interview

Learn about the company: What are the trends and skills are required? Prepare informed questions and provide thoughtful answers by learning about the company. Follow companies on LinkedIn and Twitter. Visit their website and make notes on the position description.

Create a one-page list of three to five references. No family or friends. Proper examples include coaches, professors and employers.

Visit Career Development for a 30min mock interview with a copy of your resume and position to description. We will practice with questions and answers, and reflect on what to consider.

During the Interview

Plan to arrive at least 10mins before the interview to make sure you get there on time, park correctly, visit the bathroom and reduce your stress level.

Greet your interviewer by name, with a firm handshake and a smile. Wait for the interviewer to sit down or invite you to sit down before seating. Don’t chew gum or drink coffee beforehand. Maintain good eye contact.

Listen and don’t interrupt a line of questioning or conversation. Respond with zeal and details. Always provide an example to establish credibility. When appropriate, ask questions about the job and the interviewer and match the interviewer’s energy level.

*Never badmouth a former employer or position and never answer in generic or vague language.

Emphasize your continued interest in the position, ask when you can expect to hear from the company again, and thank the interviewer. Be sure you have the interviewer’s business card.

After the Interview

Think about which questions you answered well and which gave you difficulty. Practice areas which need improvement and visit the Career Development office.

Within 24 hours of said interview, send a thank-you email that emphasizes your interest in the position Highlight specific portions from the interview to reinforce your serious interest and attention to detail. If you don’t hear from the company within the time frame indicated, follow up with a phone call or email.