A. Procedures for International Visiting Professors/Research Scholars

1) Visiting Professor/Research Scholar – Definition

Generally, individuals under consideration for international visiting professorships or research scholar positions have earned terminal degrees in their area of expertise or are internationally recognized for exceptional achievement in their professional fields. Visiting professors are typically employed elsewhere and are engaged in high-level research or other scholarly or creative work, or in public service. Visiting professors receive no compensation from Centenary University. Because of their stature or position, they provide our faculty and students with unusual opportunities for expanding their intellectual, artistic or scientific experiences or for pursuing research and scholarship. Visiting professors may teach, assist in enhancing existing curriculum or in developing new courses, or engage in research that is of substantial benefit to the individual and to the College for a period of no more than one year.

Visiting professor application

Are you a visiting Professor and would like to apply for a J1 - Visa? Download the application below.

2) Application Process

1. Complete an Application for International Visiting Professorship/Research Scholar and submit to the Dean of International Programs for review.
2. If application is found to be acceptable, the Dean will forward the application to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for review. The VPAA will discuss with applicable Dept. Chairs/Faculty if appropriate. If the VPAA concurs, s/he will forward to the President of the College for review and approval.
3. If approved by the President, the Dean of International Programs will advise the applicant and coordinate further arrangements including the issuance of necessary immigration paperwork.

3) Resources

Visiting professors will be provided with access to the College library and computer system. To the extent possible, the College will provide visiting professors with office space and dormitory room when available.

B. Responsibilities of Visiting Professor while in the United States under the College recommendation

• Comply with all requirements of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State with regard to immigration status.
• Carry required levels of health insurance.
• Engage in only activities described on your DS-2019 Form.
• Check in with the Dean of International Programs within five (5) days of arrival in the United States and update your SEVIS status.
• Remain in contact with the Dean of International Programs on a regular basis throughout your stay, and advise him/her of any change in your status.

C. Travel During Stay in the United States

• Within the U.S. – you have the right to travel freely within the United States provided that you maintain your legal J-1 visa status. Educational and cultural experiences are encouraged.
• Outside the U.S. – in order to avoid problems re-entering the country, consult with the Dean of International Programs prior to leaving the U.S.

D. Termination from Program

• Violation of any federal regulations
• Failure to pursue activities listed on the DS-2019 Form
• Engaging in unauthorized employment
• Engaging in activities not authorized as part of the Visiting Professor/Research Scholar Program
• Failure to maintain required medical insurance coverage
• Failure to notify the Dean of International Programs of any change in status
• Conviction of any Federal or State crime