International Student Admissions Counselor

Ms. April Chang currently serves as an International Student Admissions Counselor, providing recruitment and retention efforts of the international student population, with an emphasis in maintaining and expanding relationships in Korea. As the newest member of the SIP staff, she brings a combination of professional and educational experience in assisting the international students and their families navigate through the university application process.

Born in Korea and raised in New Jersey, Ms. Chang received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in General Education from Boston College. After teaching ESL classes at a public elementary school in Seoul, Korea through the Seocho-Manhattan Teacher Exchange Program, she returned to the US to pursue a Master of Science degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Relations from New York University. Her master’s thesis titled ‘The Power of Cultural Discourse of Hallyu: Redefining Women’s Roles in East Asia’ explored the ways in which Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women were influenced and empowered by the flow of Korean cultural exports that is referred to as the ‘Korean Wave,’ or hallyu.

Prior to joining Centenary University, Ms. Chang worked as an Executive Assistant for three consecutive Korean Ambassadors to the United Nations, managing the Ambassador’s schedule and liaising with diplomats and other dignitaries in a true global setting. She has extensive experience organizing various diplomatic functions and events, and assisted in the Republic of Korea’s campaign to become a member of the UN Security Council for 2013-2014.