International Student Admissions Counselor
& International Programs Administrative Assistant

Ms. Hong Rong (Tina) Tang has been with Centenary University since January of 2006, and currently serves as the International Student Recruiter for China and the Administrative Assistant for the School of International Programs. She is the primary contact person to recruit students from China, to initiate conversations between schools in China and Centenary University, to conduct regular communications with sister schools in China to maintain good relationships, and to look for opportunities to expand markets in China. In addition, Ms. Tang provides supportive services for Centenary’s international students, particularly Chinese students. Ms. Tang also serves as adjunct instructor teaching in the Social & Behavioral Science Department—teaching sections of International Relations catered to international students— and the English & Foreign Language Department at Centenary University.

Ms. Tang holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from Centenary University, a Master of Arts degree in Education/Instructional Leadership from Centenary University and a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration also from Centenary. Her research thesis paper was based on the Kitai Gorodskaya method of language instruction which she completed to earn a certificate at the International University of Moscow for accelerated Russian language and cultural studies. She holds a teaching certificate from China certified by the Ministry of Education of Fujian Province. She was an examiner for the Spoken English Test in Fujian Province.

Ms. Tang participated in a year-long College English Teacher Training Program jointly sponsored by Teachers College, Columbia University and Nanjing University. She successfully completed postgraduate courses in Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology and demonstrated competence in the teaching of College English.

Ms. Hong Rong (Tina) Tang was a full-time professor in the Applied English Department of Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College. During her teaching career at Fujian Hwa Nan Women’s College, she also served as Assistant Department Chair; class advisor and Chair of Department Union.