There's no need to leave campus to find all the dining options you want! The Dining Hall is located in the new Lackland Center and offers meal plans for every student.

Lackland features high top seating and booth-style seating, a gas fireplace and an abundant amount of flat screen TV’s that feature menus, games and other TV programming for your pleasure. We have a wide variety of foods to choose from each day, as well as late night hours and menus. From signature burgers and cheese steaks to salads and pizza. Take a break from it all and hang out with your friends & grab a bite to eat. Additionally, for our customers on the run, don’t forget about our Outtakes Convenience Store featuring fresh made prepackaged sandwiches and salads.

What's on the Menu?

Want to know what is being served today! The Dining Hall is located in the new Lackland Center and offers meal plans for every student.

All we ask is that all students and diners follow the dining hall regulations:
  • Student ID is required at all times for access to the cafeteria.
  • Please do not remove china, glassware, utensils, etc.
  • Please do not remove food from the dining hall areas.
  • Shoes must be worn in the dining room at all times.
  • Groups wishing to post signs or distribute flyers in the dining halls should request permission of the Food Service Director.

Dining Options


You will find a selection of homemade,wood stone oven baked, pizzas as well as pastas, sauces, vegetarian and gluten free products.

Fresh Market

Check out “Fresh Market” where the salad bar , with its array of fresh vegetables and salads offers a healthier alternative.

The Kitchen

You will be greeted by several chef prepared main entrees and all the side dishes as accompaniments.

My Pantry

Be sure to visit “My Pantry”, the home-style kitchen area where each lunch and dinner display cook Tom will be sure to entertain you as he prepares an artfully designed plate just to your liking.

The Grill

A traditional grill area with burgers and fries, hotdogs, cheese steaks and some not-so-traditional items as well.


For a quick cup of coffee, there is a coffeehouse located in “The SAC” where you can purchase a sweet treat in addition to beverages

Trotters Cafe

The equine center is home to “Trotters Cafe”, a quick service snack bar offering sandwiches and soups to the equine students at the center.

Meal Plans, Dining Hours, Menus, and More

Find the information you need, when you need it. We've provided everything from full menus for any meal of day day (including our late night menu) and dining hours to details for our meal plans and health programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meals do resident students get?

Resident students get 3 swipes a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday thru Friday and 2 swipes for brunch and dinner on weekends

What is Late Night?

Late Night is an after-hours dining program in the cafeteria which runs from 7:30 pm - 12 am. Students can pay for Late Night using Cyclone Dollars, Tilly Bucks, or cash.

What does “meal transfer” mean?

Meal transfer means if a student has missed a meal due to a class, work, etc. that swipe can get transferred to Late Night. Only dinner swipes can get transferred to Late Night. Meal transfers are ONLY available to Resident students.

What are Tilly Bucks?

Tilly Bucks is money that gets added onto your student ID card that can be used at Late Night. Every full-time, resident student gets $50 Tilly Bucks at the start of every semester. Tilly Bucks get added after the add/drop period of the semester is finished.