Internships are a unique, yet competitive opportunity to begin gaining experience in your field of interest.

The key to navigating the internship process is to begin early. Visit our office or browse through the tabs on the left to learn more about our growing internship program.

Read what these student have to say about their internship experiences:

Ashley Palko
Senior Fashion Major:

“Since my sophomore year I have had 3 internships. Each internship in the Fashion industry has taught me so much.Thanks to the Career Center of Centenary College, I was able to land a full time job in NYC before even graduating!”

Bethany Fruncillo
Junior Science Major:

“Doing an internship through the help and support of Centenary is one of the greatest decisions I have made during my time as a student here. The hands-on experiences helped me grow as a person and shaped the dream career I hope to pursue upon graduating.

I highly recommend contacting your advisor in your major or the career center to see the options in your interest area because it can change your life. I know it changed mine.”

Logan Reason
Senior Business Major:

“Working with Guidepoint this past summer as a marketing intern has been a wonderful experience. Internships are a great tool to use for furthering your knowledge in an industry you are interested in along with making connections for future work positions.

 The connections I have made this summer will likely lead me to a salary paying job when I graduate from Centenary. Thank you to everybody at the Career Center!”

Christopher Ruoff
Senior Business Major:

“I have done 4 internships throughout my 4 years at Centenary College. I have worked for the New Jersey Devils, Lehigh Valley Phantoms, Philadelphia 76ers, and the New York Jets.

Every internship has been an unforgettable experience and I now know what I want to do for my career with the help from everybody at each of my internships.”