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Tips for a Successful and Happy First Year at a University

Learn about what to expect in your freshman year at a university. Current freshman Kimberly Every shares tips on how to have a happy and successful first year.

Why You Should Consider Small Universities For Your Graduate Degree

Graduate school is much more than furthering your education. It provides professional opportunities and helps you build lifelong connections. Going to a small university for your graduate degree has its advantages as professors provide individualized attention and our course options offer flexibility for working adults.

Why a College Internship is Important--Even If You Don't Realize It Now.

Perhaps you are a sophomore looking for career opportunities or a senior wanting to put real-world experience on your resume before graduating. It is normal to question internships, but you should also understand that they are a vital part of career advancement.

The Benefits and Flexibility of Learning Online

Many institutions are now offering online and hybrid learning formats that enable all students to earn a college degree. Here we recap the challenges of the modern-day student and how institutions are ensuring a degree is within reach.

9 Benefits of a Graduate School Education

Whether you are seeking a new career path or are looking to advance your skills within your current profession, graduate school has a series of benefits that can take you to the next level.

Questions to Ask at a College Open House

Starting your college search can be a scary and exciting time. You probably have a million questions flying around your head and many options to consider.