141st May Graduation and Commencement Saturday, May 14, 2016.
Front Lawns of the Seay Building

Special Notices:

  • There are no tickets required for this Commencement Ceremony.

  • We provide as much seating as possible, but highly recommend you bring your own folding chairs as seating runs out quickly.
  • Centenary University does not allow the public consumption of alcohol during campus events. Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages to the Commencement ceremony. Thank you!

9:00 a.m.
Baccalaureate Ceremony, Sitnik Theater, David & Carol Lackland Center.
(What is the Baccalaureate Ceremony?)

10:00 a.m  to 12:00 p.m.
Commencement Brunch, Dining Room, David & Carol Lackland Center.
Reservations are REQUIRED.

12:00 p.m.
Robing and Lineup, Quad behind Seay Building. (Cap and Gown Information)

1:00 p.m.
141st May Commencement – Processional.

Watch the Centenary University Commencement here on May 14th, 2016 courtesy of the Centenary University Cyclones.

** This stream cast is provided by Cyclone All-Access, courtesy of the Centenary University Cyclones.**

On the day of Commencement, there will be a link under the  “Live / Upcoming Events” tab.  Click on the play icon to view the stream.  Commercials may play during the course of the stream.  If this occurs, the stream will resume at the conclusion of the commercial at the point of the ceremony where the commercial began.  You should not miss any part of the ceremony due to a commercial.

The Centenary University May 2016 Commencement Ceremony will remain available in the archives on the Cyclones All-Access page for viewing after the ceremony under the “On Demand” tab.  This On Demand access will be available for a limited time.