Here are some tips for the “Do it Yourself” approach:


  • Meet your advisor! Your advisor is your main advocate when it comes to academics. He/She will guide you in what classes to take, how to explore the opportunities of your field, and general support for your college journey.
  • Tutoring Support! There is a whole group of people who want to help you with your work at the Centenary University Tutoring Center.
  • Writing Collaboratory! Offers peer-to-peer support at any stage of your writing process! They will help develop English writing skill with positive attitude and hope to instill confidence in the tutee (you!).
  • Disabilities Services! This office is in charge of making sure students with disabilities receive accommodations and support. Their goal is to allow students to be independent and to self-advocate!
  • My.Centenary Account! The links on the left side of your my.Centenary web account grant you 24/7 access to transcripts, grades, advising information as well as much more. Click here to get to my.Centenary!


  • Make your Brand known! “You” Inc. is the most important piece of business you will ever have to deal with. Advertise yourself in the best way possible so everyone knows what “You” stands for!
  • Clubs and Organizations! Centenary has numerous clubs and organizations for students. They are open and eager to gain new members all the time!
  • Student Activities! This group’s goal is to provide you with activities and other “stuff-to-do” on campus. They are excited to hear your ideas and opinions to improve Centenary.
  • Work Study! Hold a part time job on campus in a department of your interest. It is a great way to keep busy, build your reputation, and get involved
  • my.Centenary Account! Log on to your my.Centenary account and view the calendars and announcements for the most up-to-date information about what’s going on around campus! Click here for my.Centenary!

Study Abroad

  • Centenary offers you the opportunity to travel the world, learn new cultures, and have one of the best experience of your life! Asia? Europe? and beyond!

Financial Aid

  • Apply for your FAFSA! FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, will help you get money and/or loans for college…for free! Click here to file your FAFSA.
  • Stop by the Office! Financial Aid Counselors are here to help you and they want to help you! The Financial Aid Office is located in the bottom floor of the Seay building!
  • Stay on top of your Bills! From your my.Centenary account, you have 24/7 access to your ledger. It is one of the many helpful hints on your my.Centenary account. Click here for the my.Centenary webpage
  • Be aware of resources! Financial Aid has numerous social media accounts. Follow them for the most up to date resources.

Work Opportunity

  • Part-Time Work! Centenary offers many opportunities for part time work and is a great way to get involved!
  • Career Center! Visit the Career Center to ask about the opportunity of work study.
  • Stop by a department you are interested in! Ask faculty/staff if they are looking for student help! They may be able to bring you on as a work study.
  • Post-Graduation preparation! The Career Center not only helps you during your time in college but they also may be able to help you prepare for post-graduation.
  • my.Centenary Account! Stay on top of the news and announcements for events such as the job fair, work study, and internships. Take a look at the announcement and calendar section at my.Centenary by clicking here!

Health and Wellness

  • Workout! Take advantage of our gym, fitness facility, pool, and so much more! Having a healthy body improves the rest of your life. Click here for the athletic facilities page!
  • Join a sport! Centenary offer sports for men and women. It may be difficult to start your second year or you could be an all-star! Reach out to some of the coaches!
  • Mental Health! Go to the counseling center! We have professionals who can support you in any way. Caring and concerned help will be here for you at any time. Click here for the Counseling Center website.
  • Health Services! Sick? Under the weather? Just not feeling right? Health services can help with that! They keep you up to date with vaccines and testing.