What has happened during your first year? 

  • You have completed your first year which was full of new experiences. There was a new sense of independence. Hopefully you had guidance and support throughout both semesters!
  • FYLs, or First Year Leaders, were there for any issues you had. They set up activities and/or events to get you involved on campus. FYLs supported you in the classroom during AFC and outside the classroom when needed.
  • Faculty and staff welcomed you, making you understand that they are here to help you complete an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • Transfer students…maybe this sounds like the first year at your previous institution? If you have not been told yet, there is a support system in place for you! You may not have had a First Year Leader but we have the Second Year Peers here to help YOU!

What kind of situations to expect: 

  • Sophomore year is full of big moments and choices. You may have to choose a major. If you already have a major, what sort of job will you be looking to do? Actually, it should be what kind of job do you want? Involvement will be emphasized; how do you get involved? Everyone will tell you it will benefit your future…and it does.
  • Sophomore year may be tough. Students get bogged down by the anxiety the accompanies major choices. Is Centenary the place for you? Do you like your major? SYPs are here to help you with the unknowns!
  • Remember that this is your second year! You know a lot about the campus; where things are and who can help you. Be confident with who you are! You most likely will not know everything and that is normal! The Second Year Experience will help fill in those little spots of uncertainty. Know that you have the chance to work for what you want!
  • Transfers students, you may feel lost; having to learn a whole new campus all over again. DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALONE! That is what we are here for as the Second Year Experience; to walk with you on your journey. Reach out to us and we will do whatever we can.

Things You May Feel:

  • Over Confident
  • No Longer New Kids
  • Unsure of Self
  • Pressure To Pick A Major
  • Pressure From Peers
  • Questioning Everything-Values, Parents, Self, Meaning of Life
  • Lower Grades
  • Rethinking Major
  • Considering Transferring

What SYPs can do for you: 

  • They want to help you find an identity on campus. Whether this means helping you get involved, find/provide academic support, or just talking about life!
  • We want to help you get to know everything about Centenary. There are so many caring people who are trying to help you! You may just not see it yet!
  • Our SYPs are meant to be leaders and mentors! They know the “ins and outs” of the school and how to be successful here at Centenary.