If you are feeling lost or confused during your second year at Centenary, here are some of the big ideas that the Second Year Experience believes will help you on your journey. Remember that your Second Year Peers are always available to help guide you or explore your opportunities with you!


  • Brand Yourself! You are the most important product during your time at Centenary. Put school projects and weekend plans aside, your academic and social identities should come after or as a result of discovering who you are! We want to help you develop, grow, and flourish as a good person by the time you leave Centenary. Ask yourself the tough questions; explore ideas you have never explored; consider who and what you want to be by the end of your time at Centenary. Just remember you do not have to do this alone! Reach out to your SYPs or explore this page for help and guidance. You do not need to have all the answers by the time your second year is completed, but you should have a solid idea about who you are!


  • You are at school for a reason. An academic identity should be part of who you are by the time you leave Centenary. Do faculty and professors recognize you as part of the department? Are you a part of your department’s academic group? Their honor society? These sort of questions are what you should ask. Solidifying yourself among the academic community will provide you with numerous other opportunities to get involved or express who you are! A solid connection with academics may set you up for a bright career, a bright future. Talk to your professors, ask what you can do, and find your academic identity.


  • Do not forget that college is not completely about academic learning! The social aspect of college is almost larger than academics. Who are you socially? Do you have a social group? This may or may not be the same as your academic group.  When your are not dealing with academics, where do you “fit in”? The college campus is one big social being and we know there is a spot for you! It is okay if you do not think you have found it; you are not the first person or the last person to feel this way! Your Second Year Peers can help you explore options of what to do! Right on this page you can put in some information to either find a club using our “Club Finder” or start your own with a group of peers using our “Start a Club” tool. When you are not in class and when your are not alone…who are you?