Your Enrollment Counselor will work with you through the entire admission process, from helping you complete your admission application to helping you register for classes for your first semester at Centenary!

Your Enrollment Counselor will be able to match your current transfer credits to the Centenary University curriculum. With this information, you will know what academic requirements you need to complete your degree at Centenary. You can also use this information as a guide for completing your courses at your transferring (current) institution.

apply nowApplication Requirements

You can complete either Centenary’s secure online application or the Common Application. In addition to your application, we will need:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • 250-word essay on “How Centenary Can Help You Achieve Your Educational Goals and Objectives” or an essay through the Common Application.
  • Proof of high school graduation or the equivalent. If you have not earned at least 24 credits at your prior institution(s) you will need to submit an official high school transcript.
  • Official SAT or ACT scores if you have not earned at least 24 credits at your prior institution(s) and are under 24 years of age.

Letters of recommendation are not required, but will strengthen your application and enable the Admissions Committee to make a better determination of the University’s ability to meet your academic needs.

Admission Deadlines

All applications are evaluated on a rolling basis once all documents have been received.  Decisions are typically released within 7-10 business days after we receive all of your required application documents.  While we do accept applications on a rolling basis, we recommend submitting your application at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester in which you would like to begin classes.  This will help to ensure that there is adequate time for the enrollment process, from mailing transcripts through registering for classes.

Application Review

Once your file is complete, we will review it and make a decision regarding your admission. If you have completed 24 college-level credits or more, Centenary will base its admission decision on your collegiate course work. If you have completed less than 24 college-level credits, we will base our decision on a combination of your collegiate and secondary school course work.

Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better will be considered for admission to Centenary.

Major Program Requirements

The major you choose may affect which of your credits are applied toward your degree at Centenary. Only courses earned with a C- or better from a regionally or nationally accredited institution are considered transferable.  Basic skills (developmental) courses are not transferable.

Some academic programs have additional requirements beyond the requirements for admission to the university:

  • Applicants who are interested in the Visual Arts must submit a portfolio for approval. Your enrollment counselor will help you determine the appropriate portfolio review dates.
  • Applicants who are interested in the Education Certification Programs must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Applicants who are interested in the Equine Studies Programs and free-elective riders must submit a riding placement video for evaluation and assignment into appropriate-level riding classes.
  • Applicants who are interested in the Social Work Program must have a cumulative GPA of 2.8.  Transfer students who will be entering Centenary University as juniors (at least 56 transferable credits) are encouraged to request an application to the BSW program at the time of application to the university.


Readmission students will be considered through the transfer admission process.

Readmission to Centenary is not automatic.

Students will need to complete a new application for admission in the following situations:

  • Student has graduated from Centenary University
  • Student has left Centenary without requesting a leave of absence.  This includes students who have completed a withdrawal with the Office of Student Life, and students who leave Centenary without giving notice (Administratively Withdrawn)
  • Student has left Centenary under a Leave of Absence, but the terms of the Leave of Absence have been broken.  This includes students who do not return to Centenary before the Leave of Absence expires, and students who attend another institution during their Leave of Absence
  • Student has been academically dismissed for not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students who attend another institution during their time away from Centenary must submit all transcripts with their application for readmission.