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Approved College Mailing Lists

The list below is the current approved mailing lists for the college.  When utilizing these lists please be sure to choose an audience is directly affected by or interested in the content.

Academic Departments Email Lists

If you have an email that pertains to your department’s student body you can forward that email to your department head for approval and distribution to the email list.

  • Behavioral and historical studies
  •  Behavioral and historical studies graduates
  • Behavioral and historical studies undergraduates
  •  Business graduates
  • Business graduates traditional
  •  Business undergrads traditional
  • Communication and fine arts undergraduates
  •  Education graduates
  • Education undergraduates
  • English and foreign language graduates
  • English and foreign language undergraduates
  • Equine students
  • Equine studies undergrads
  • Math and natural sciences undergraduates
  • Social sciences graduates
  • Social sciences undergraduates

Alternate Distribution Lists

Hackettstown Campus Related

  • Traditional students Hackettstown
  • Undergrad FT traditional – commuters
  • Undergrad FT traditional
  • Undergrad PT traditional

School of Professional Studies Lists

  • CCSPS Students
  • CCSPS Hackettstown graduates
  • CCSPS Hackettstown undergrads
  • CCSPS metro park graduates
  • CCSPS metro park undergrads
  • CCSPS Parsippany graduates
  • CCSPS Parsippany undergrads

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate traditional
  • Graduating masters
    (Graduation Candidates with less than 9 credits to go)

Student Related

  • Students critical communications –
    ALL campuses – ALL students – Limited access
  • English club
  • EOF students
  • International summer students
  • Military
  • Resident assistants mailing list
  • Resident directors mailing list
  • Seniors – SPS
  • Seniors – Traditional
  • Sociology majors