Dr. Erin Andersen

Director of the Writing Collaboratory

In addition to directing the Collab, I’m an Associate Professor of English in the Business, Media, and Writing department. I teach first-year writing courses, rhetoric, queer theory, and writing tutor training. My research interests are centered in social justice pedagogy and writing center studies. I love working with students and tutors, and hope to see you in the Collab soon!

Kassidy House
Peer Tutor Coordinator
Major: Individualized Studies
Minor: History

Hi! My name is Kassidy, and I am currently a senior majoring in Individualized Studies with a minor in History. In my free time I enjoy crafting with my Cricut, reading and spending time with friends. Some of my strong points as a tutor include sentence structure, grammar and organizing/outlining. My goal as a tutor is to help students feel comfortable with their writing and help them keep their thoughts organized while getting their point across.

Victoria Hoffman
Event Coordinator
Major: Business Administration
Minors: English & Professional Writing

Hi! My name is Victoria Hoffman, and I am currently a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and going for a double minor in English and Professional Writing. Once I graduate here at Centenary, my plan is to attend law school to ultimately get my dream career of being a lawyer. My strengths as a tutor are being able to break down what the assignment is asking, focusing on concepts in reading and writing, as well as being able to effectively discuss the “why”, creating an engaging purpose in students’ writing. I also love helping students brainstorm and bring together their ideas in a formatted fashion to get their point across in an organized way. In my free time I enjoy reading, painting, running, playing tennis, and going on hikes.

Mathias O’Neil
Major: Psychology

Hi! My name is Mathias O’Neil, and I am going into my senior year at Centenary. I am a psychology major, but I’d like to go to medical school where I will focus on psychiatry. My strengths are APA formatting, research papers, and organization. I am also interested in photography, cars, and clothing design. 

Izabelle Weisman
Major: Secondary English Education

Hi! My name is Izabelle Weisman, and I am senior majoring in Secondary English Education. As a tutor, I strongly believe in collaboration. I aim to bounce ideas back and forth to obtain results which best suit individual writers. I aspire to help with citations, structure, flow, and much more. I am eager to assist anyone with their writing! Outside of school, I enjoy reading and writing, watching tv shows, and spending time with my cats, Ollie and Opal. 

Ashley Johnson
Major: Social Work

My name is Ashley Johnson, and I am a senior here at Centenary University! I am in the Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW) and I hope to one day work in a clinical setting. I work very well with research papers, brainstorming, MLA and APA formatting, and sentence structure. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, playing the piano, along with a few other instruments, and reading a LOT of books!

Adrianna Strait
Major: Animal Health

Hi! My name is Adrianna Strait, and I am currently a senior majoring in Animal Health with a concentration in Equine Pre-Vet. After graduation, my plan is to attend vet school and become a certified canine rehabilitation therapist. My tutoring strengths are organization and research papers. As a tutor, my goal is to help writers feel comfortable with their personal voice. Outside of school, you’ll find me cooking, listening to music, riding horses, on a hike, or binge-watching Netflix!

Jake Lombardo
Major: English Education

Hello! My name is Jake Lombardo. I am currently a junior at Centenary majoring in Education in English and pursuing teaching middle or high school. My strengths in writing include formulating thesis statements, overall organization and sentence structure, and MLA formatting. I love to listen to music, read and write, and take care of my many plants in my free time!

Eve Foote
Major: English

My name is Eve Foote, and I am a junior at Centenary. I’m an English major; I’m interested in law or journalism as possible careers. When it comes to tutoring, I like to specialize in formatting/sentence structure, grammar, thesis statements, introduction/conclusion paragraphs, and brainstorming. When I’m not studying, I’m playing field hockey, seeing friends/family on the weekends, hosting my radio show, skiing, or binge-watching Netflix! 

Kane Montan
Major: Criminal Justice

Hello! My name is Kane. I am a Junior Criminal Justice major with a minor in Law and Government. My plans after I graduate are to pursue my career as a state police officer. My strengths in tutoring include brainstorming, research papers, and APA formatting. I also can help with PowerPoint presentations! I enjoy listening to music, driving cars, and drinking coffee! 

Sofia Senesie
Major: Creative Writing

Hi! My name is Sofia Senesie, a third year Creative Writing major. My specialty is brainstorming, organization, and proofreading. Aside from working at the Writing Collab I am also an Assistant Color guard Director at my high school, a substitute teacher, and a customer service associate at Lowe’s. When I’m not in class or working my many jobs, I love to spend my time writing stories and poetry and binge-watching new shows.

Onoshope Itunoya-Musa
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice

Hi! My name is Onoshope! I am a Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. My strengths in tutoring include brainstorming, grammar, research papers, APA formatting, and organization. I love reading novels, watching Korean drama, and listening to K-pop or any music. I also love food and getting involved in different activities. 

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