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Dr. Erin Andersen

Director of the Writing Collaboratory

In addition to directing the Collab, I’m an Assistant Professor of English in the Communication, Writing, and Design department. I teach first-year writing courses, rhetoric, queer theory, and writing tutor training. My research interests are centered in social justice pedagogy and writing center studies. I love working with students and tutors, and hope to see you in the Collab soon!

Marissa Conroy

Peer Tutor Coordinator
Major: English – Creative Writing
Hi everybody! I am an English Creative Writing major and I am currently in my junior year of college. I love to help people, both in an out of the Collaboratory, with a multitude of things! As an English major, I am proficient in MLA, but I am working on mastering APA as well to be helpful to all majors. Outside of the Collab, I volunteer with my hometown’s Fire Department and teach myself how to create new food dishes. I especially love making cheesecakes! I have two dogs, Coco and Bolt, and I take too many pictures of them! I enjoy hiking and also writing my own stories and poems. I occasionally play video games, and enjoy spending time with my friends.

Grace Tyler

Event Tutor Coordinator
Major: Communication – Journalism
Minor: Social Media Marketing & Professional Writing
Hi! I’m Grace but I like to be called Gracie and I am a junior majoring in Journalism. I love to read Young Adult books and eat a lot of food that is not good for me. I am very good at WordPress, forming papers, MLA, and sentence structure.

Princess Berry

Major: English
Minor: Professional Writing and History
My name is Princess Berry, yes that is my real name. I am an English major with a concentration in creative writing. I also have two minors: professional writing and history. My strengths as a tutor would be organizing papers, teaching MLA/APA, and helping the tutee brainstorm.  When I am not working as a tutor, I enjoy eating and binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu. My dream is to become an archivist and an editor.

Francesca Amati

Major: Elementary Education
Hello! My name is Francesca Amati, and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education. I plan on pursuing a K-6 certification in order to help younger children learn, flourish, and thrive. Positive interaction with others is something I hold in high regard. Taking the time to be empathetic and compassionate towards others has an incredible impact on the ways in which we and those around us think and learn. My tutoring philosophy has foundations in these notions of education and rapport, and I believe balancing knowledge with directive and nondirective tutoring strategies while valuing inclusivity and interpersonal relationships is key to a successful peer tutoring session.

Rebecca Thompson

Major: Psychology
Minor: Creative Writing

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a Psychology major and Creative Writing minor in my junior year of college. I’ve been working at the Writing Collaboratory for a year now and I really love it here! I enjoy helping people improve their writing and I especially love getting to see what other people are writing here at Centenary. I specialize in essay writing and APA citation style.

Evonne Scott

Major: Equine Science
Hi my name is Evonne Scott. I am a junior at Centenary University and was an Equine Science major and am now studying Medical Laboratory Science. As you can probably tell by my majors, horses and science are my favorite specialties. My strengths are working on research papers and laboratory reports. I love helping others succeed which is why I became a tutor!

Amanda Baker

Major: Criminal Justice and Governmental Affairs
Hey! My name is Amanda Baker and I am a Sophomore here at Centenary. I am a dual major in Criminal Justice and Political and Governmental Affairs. I am a commuter on campus, so on the weekends I spend most of my time fishing on my kayak. Some of my strong points as a tutor involve sentence structure, paraphrasing, and everyone’s favorite term – the flow.

Kaitlin Wendt

Major: Social Work
Hi! I’m Kaitlin. I’m a junior in the Social Work program. When I’m not tutoring I love to read and listen to music. I also love dogs and food. I’m good with grammar and APA!

Morgan Pierson

Major: Psychology
Hi, my name is Morgan Pierson. I am a sophomore with a major in psychology. Some of my tutoring strengths are research papers, APA style citations, organization, and better phrasing of sentences. In my free time, I enjoy studying western astrology, taking walks with my dog, and cooking.