Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Please visit the Centenary University COVID-19 area of the website to learn the latest updates.

At all times, but especially during this election year, we ask that the Centenary  community respect one another and value civility in the discussion of differing perspectives.

The free expression of thoughts and ideas is valued in our community. We encourage respect and inclusivity, and want the community to welcome and embrace each other’s diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural differences.

The manner in which we interact with one another is critical to cultivating a meaningful and effective intellectual environment. Let us be role models – a community that practices mutual respect, civil discourse and acceptance in the classroom, as well as, in our daily social interactions with one another.



Dr. Bruce Murphy                                                                       Devon Vialva
Centenary University President                                                 Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion