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From the Office of the Secretary 

Until a proven vaccine or approved therapy for COVID-19 is widely available, campus activity will involve some level of risk as operations resume. Institutions must develop robust and thoughtful plans for restarting operations that take into account the concerns for public health. Ultimately, students, faculty, staff, and the general public will only feel comfortable returning to in-person activity if our campuses have taken appropriate safeguarding measures that are well communicated to broader campus communities.

New Jersey is home to a diverse community of higher education institutions. Accordingly, institutions should be allowed to develop a restart plan that best fits their communities’ needs and context, while at the same time adhering to state restrictions. Institutions’ plans must balance the health and safety of the entire institutional community, including students, faculty, and staff, with the need to resume educational activity.

8/13/2020 – Update from President Bruce Murphy

We have new information from Governor Phil Murphy that updates our message sent previously in the week.

  • Yesterday, Governor Phil Murphy announced an executive order permitting Centenary to begin the academic year with in-person instruction, in accordance with the University’s approved Restart Plan – Change 10. Centenary University is excited to bring students back to campus for Fall 2020.
  • Centenary’s Restart Plan was contingent on the state moving to Stage 3 of its reopening. While the state remains in Stage 2, Governor Murphy’s executive order grants an exemption for Centenary based on New Jersey’s sustained decrease of COVID-19 transmission, CDC recommendations, and additional scientific guidance. Our planning process has been guided by one principle offering opportunity and success to our students—SAFELY!
  • Centenary’s small, student-centered community has always been prepared to pivot quickly to in-person instruction, as soon as we received approval from the State of New Jersey. Our Restart Plan has been designed with a flexible approach backed by our Academic Agility, allowing the University to quickly respond to yesterday’s executive order.
  • We also understand that not all students are comfortable with returning to campus and we will continue to offer Students the Choice—you have the option to take your courses either on campus or remotely.
  • Centenary is prepared and committed to providing the best Supportive Environment for our entire community. All support services will be offered whether we are together on campus or operating remotely.

Centenary University’s Winter 2021 Restart Plan

Winter 2021 Plan for Restart

Centenary University’s Official Winter 2021 RESTART PLAN – Change 10 – submitted to the Office of the N.J. Secretary of Higher Education.

Summer Restart Plans