We at Centenary University know that our faculty and staff have diverse and noteworthy areas of expertise, as well as interests. We are working to gather and maintain a library of videos – 2-3 minutes each – to share online and on our social media. These videos will help to attract and interest potential students, engage or re-engage our alumni and donors, and will showcase all that Centenary University has to offer. Videos will be utilized to continually share new content on our social media pages and/or to highlight or possibly to reinforce something connected to a University, local, national or other event.

Videos can be discipline specific, personal interest or just plain fun!

Here/Attached please find a “how to” to help record and submit your videos. Please be aware that not all videos may be used. Also, if it is determined that your video content is pertinent, but we need a specific video quality, we may reach out to you to schedule a time to professionally re-record your submission.

Thank you for sharing with us!

Instructions & Image Quality

Please leave 5-10 seconds before you start and end the recording of the video to leave time for transitioning.

  • Choose a location with bright, even lighting that does not cast harsh shadows.
    • If you are shooting outdoors, position yourself with the sun high in the sky and behind the camera, or shoot in the shade.
    • If you are shooting indoors, turn the ceiling lights on.
    • Avoid filming directly in front of windows or other strong light sources.
  • Keep your subject’s entire head and shoulders in the frame
  • Leave enough space below the neck to place a name caption.
  • Record with your device turned horizontal to resemble a television screen.
  • Do not edit or add in your own name plate. Centenary University will add this in to create consistency across each video.

Sound Quality

Audio quality is often more important than image quality. For best results:

  • Position the camera within three to four feet of the subject. If you are farther away, the device’s built-in microphone will pick up room sounds such as heating and air conditioning, and if the subject’s voice is too soft, he/she will have to shout.
  • Be aware of the sounds around you when recording outdoors.

Submit Your Video

Centenary University has set up a Dropbox Request for videos to be uploaded. Click on the button below to submit your video.

Please name your video file with your first and last name. Example: john_doe.mp4



If you have any questions, please reach out to marketing@centenaryuniversity.edu

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