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***** DRAFT *****

The purpose of this web page is to:

  • Provide information regarding policies that apply to Faculty
  • Provide information regarding the structure of Academic Affairs
  • Make Faculty aware of support services

Much of the information provided here elaborates on what is contained in the Constitution.  The Constitution provides a framework for shared governance subject to the authority of the President.  It describes a system aimed at maximizing Faculty input.  It is in the best interest of both the Administration and the Faculty to understand and follow the policies and deadlines described on this webpage and in the Constitution.  All Faculty Members should make themselves familiar with the information contained in the Employee Handbook, on this webpage, and in the Constitution.

Each Faculty Member reports directly to his or her Department Chair.  Faculty Members are also accountable to the other members of his/her Department, and to the faculty in general.  Department Chairs report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.