Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Please visit the Centenary University COVID-19 area of the website to learn the latest updates.

Centenary values the student experience in and out of the classroom. In efforts to set you up to achieve success please complete the following educational modules by Aug. 30th.

Step 1:
Visit the judicial educator webpage. Sign in using all lower-case letters per the following information.
Username: centenary
Password: cyclone

Step 2:
Read the directions and launch Flash presentation for Module 8 (Alcohol Education 101) and then Module 26 (Bystander Intervention).

Step 3:
After reviewing the presentation and successfully passing the test phase you will be directed to an e-mail notification form. Fill out the e-mail notification by typing Tiffany.Kushner@centenaryuniversity.edu to receive credit for completing this portion of orientation.

Tiffany Kushner
Assistant Dean for Student Life
Student’s Taking on Prevention
Ext. 2426

Erin Snyder
Project Coordinator for Cyclone Strong  

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