Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Centenary University will move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester, per executive order by NJ Gov. Murphy.

Events can be advertised a variety of different ways on campus, and the Student Government Association highly suggests utilizing your resources to do so.


Clubs and organizations are welcome to create flyers to hang around campus to advertise their program or event. Flyer designs should be completed a minimum of two (2) weeks or 10 business days prior to the day of your event to allow time for the Print Shop to have them printed. Once your flyer is designed you must email it to the VP of Clubs and Organizations in pdf format and include the number of flyers you would like printed, if you would like black and white or color flyers, and the type of paper you would like them on. The flyer will be approved or denied by the VP of Clubs and Organizations and the Student Government Association Advisor and sent off to print. If your flyer is denied you will have 24 hours to fix it.

Once your flyers are sent to the Print Shop, it will be your responsibility to pick them up from the Print Shop (located in the Library basement), and have them stamped in Student Life by the Administrative Assistant. Once you have the flyers stamped, you may begin hanging them on campus.

Do not hang flyers in the residence halls without permission of the Assistant Director of Residence Life. Do not hang flyers on windowed doors, they will be removed immediately.

You will be required to remove all flyers from campus buildings within 24 hours of the end of your program or event. If you do not remove them, you will receive a reminder email to do so.

Printing is a privilege on campus for student groups, and it does cost a fee. The fee that printing costs will be taken from your yearly budget given to you by the Student Government Association. You will be notified how much your printing cost and what your budget is after the cost of printing is taken from it by the VP of Clubs & Organization.


To post club announcements and events on My.Centenary.edu please contact your club advisor. Club advisor will need to contact IT for permissions to access calendar features and training.

Other Creative Advertising

For creative advertising ideas, please meet with your advisor or group member to brainstorm alternative ways of getting the word out about your event. The Student Life office may support your advertising efforts upon approval of your event.
You may not go door-to-door in the residence halls to advertise any program or event.