Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Centenary University will move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester, per executive order by NJ Gov. Murphy.

All clubs that want to be considered for Student Government Association funding, must submit a Club Code of Conduct. You may submit any form of Code of Conduct/By-Laws you may currently have, or follow the format below to create one.

  1. Club Name
  2. Mission Statement
    a. What is the purpose of your club?
  3. How does/will your club benefit the Centenary University community?
    a. How does the club involve the students? Is it community focused or student/campus focused?
  4. What are your Executive Officer positions?
    a. Define each specific job title and a short description of necessary duties for each officer
    b. Define the process on how the officers are elected, the length of term, etc.
    c. Define what the club process is in the case of a problem with an executive officer
    d. Provide any other information regarding executive positions as the club feels necessary
  5. Any other policies/procedures that you follow during your everyday operations as a club.

If you are having any trouble creating a Club Code of Conduct, please contact the VP of Clubs & Organizations for questions or help.