Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Centenary University will move to online instruction for the remainder of the semester, per executive order by NJ Gov. Murphy.

Social Media is a large part of the daily life of many college students, and can greatly help you get the word out to other students about your club/organization and your events. Centenary University has a Social Media Policy that must be followed at all times when using accounts for your club/organization.

If you are interested in creating any social media page for your club or organization, you must first contact the Social Media Coordinator for permission to do so. Without the permission of the Social Media Coordinator you are not allowed to have social media accounts for your club. When emailing the Social Media Coordinator for permission, CC the VP of Clubs & Organizations so they are aware that you looking to create a social media page.

Once you are approved to have a social media page for your club or organization, you will need to follow these requirements (taken directly from the Centenary University Social Media Policy):

  • The account posts frequently (twice a week) and content being delivered is attractive
  • All institutional pages must have a full-time employee who is identified as being responsible for the content being produced
  • Access must be granted to at least one other employee within the department handling the account, and access must be granted to the Social Media Coordinator and/or Marketing Department
  • Accounts with “cover pages’ must use official branding as established by the Social Media Coordinator and Marketing Department
  • Full-time employees and support staff responsible for the account must undergo training on social media, at Centenary’s request
  • Maintains all rules set forth in the Social Media Policy. Should the Social Media Coordinator grant you permission to have a social media account for your club or organization, it is your responsibility to read the entire Centenary University Social Media Policy and be familiar with it, so you do not violate the policy.The Social Media Policy can be found here.