Empower students to develop professionally through service.

Program Overview

The Leaders in Service program is intended to fulfill several goals:

  • Engage students on campus and in the local community
  • Create a sense of community and purpose for students
  • Teach professional skills through volunteer experiences and workshops
  • Increase student understanding of their community and its needs through experiences
  • Build a professional network through relationships with community partners

Leaders in Service Cohort

Members will complete 40 hours in one academic year by participating in monthly cohort activities with their peers, including National Day of Service (9/11), Make a Difference Day, MLK Day of Service, and Midnight Run. They also have the option to engage in personal projects of their own design focused on developing professional skills. Each Leader is encouraged to complete at least one personal project under the mentorship of the Community Engagement Coordinator. The Community Engagement Coordinator can also connect them with an organization in their chosen field where they can increase their network and experience through service.

Leaders in Service Board of Directors
All members can participate in the Leaders in Service Board of Directors, which is a group of student leaders who take charge of planning monthly cohort activities, fundraisers, and social events.

Get involved

To learn more about the program, please reach out to the Community Engagement Coordinator. To become a member, fill out the Leaders in Service participation agreement and submit to the Community Engagement Coordinator. Leaders in Service orientation is held on campus the first week of September and is open to all interested students.

Student Resources

Leaders in Service Handbook

Leaders In Service Student Participation Agreement

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