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Engage Centenary University students and staff in service to elevate our community in honor and remembrance on our nations designated days of service.

Program Overview

September 11th, National Day of Service

Programming on September 11th includes a morning remembrance service, a one-day memorial erected by students, an on-campus service activity, and an evening service hosted by campus ministry. Students and staff are encouraged to sign up for a full day of service at one of our sites on the weekend following the 11th.

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Make a Difference Day

On the 4th Saturday of October, students will have the opportunity to participate in Clean Ocean Action Day beach cleanups or a project in the Hackettstown community.


Students and staff are encouraged to spend the third Monday in January serving in honor of Dr. King’s vision to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together, strengthening their communities and building a stronger New Jersey. Multiple service sites will be offered.

Get Involved

To learn more about the program or rsvp to attend, please reach out to the Community Engagement Coordinator. Click to sign up for 2020 National Day of Service activities!

Student Resources

9.11 National Day of Service Flyer

Make a Difference Day Flyer – coming soon

MLK Day Flyer – coming soon