Take the Pledge to Vote

The free expression of thoughts and ideas is valued in our community. We encourage respect and inclusivity and expect the community to welcome and embrace each other’s diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural differences.

We request that the Centenary community respect one another and value civility in the discussion of differing perspectives. The manner in which we choose to interact with one another is critical to cultivating a meaningful and effective intellectual environment.

Let us be role models – a community that practices mutual respect, civil discourse, and acceptance in the classroom, as well as, in our daily social interactions with one another.

Learn about voter eligibility.
Not sure if you are registered to vote or not? Check your status.
First time voting? Check out the first-time voter checklist.
Ready to register? Register to vote in NJ online

As a college student, you can register from your school or home address. Where you register to vote determines which ballot you will use to vote.  Register to vote according to where you want to vote.

If you will not be physically present where you registered to vote on election day, request a mail in ballot.
Learn how to change your address.
Not from New Jersey? Get your pre-stamped mail-in voter registration for your state.

Need more information?
View Your Ballot
Find Your Polling Place
Find A Ballot Drop Off Location
Find a ballot drop off location
Voting reminders to your phone

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