Take the Pledge to Vote

At all times, but especially during this election year, we ask that the Centenary  community respect one another and value civility in the discussion of differing perspectives.

The free expression of thoughts and ideas is valued in our community. We encourage respect and inclusivity, and want the community to welcome and embrace each other’s diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural differences.

The manner in which we interact with one another is critical to cultivating a meaningful and effective intellectual environment. Let us be role models – a community that practices mutual respect, civil discourse and acceptance in the classroom, as well as, in our daily social interactions with one another.



Dr. Bruce Murphy                                                                       Devon Vialva
Centenary University President                                                 Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

Important Dates

October 12 – Voter Registration Deadline for General Election

October 23 – October 31 Early Voting Period

November 1 – by 3:00 p.m. Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for General Election

November 2 – General Election

November 8 – Deadline for Receipt of Timely Mailed Postmarked Mail-In Ballots to County Boards of Election

Do you have a hard time remembering all these dates? Sometimes we do too! Click here to get election reminders sent right to your phone!

Start Your Voting Journey Here

First time? That’s awesome! Check out the first-time voter checklist here to see what it’s all about.

Learn about voter eligibility.

I want to Register

Great! This is the first step. You MUST be registered by October 13th in order to vote in the presidential election on November 3rd. As a college student, you can register from your school or home address. If you are already registered, but you have moved to college or back home, you should change your address to the location you plan to vote in. It’s important to use the address you will be at on Election Day November 3rd, because this is where your mail-in ballot will automatically be sent.

Register to vote in NJ online!

Get your pre-stamped mail-in voter registration for your state.

Already registered? Check your status.

Learn how to change your address.

I want to Vote!

Now that you are registered, it’s time to get ready to vote! Here are 3 steps you can take to make Election Day on November 2nd as easy as possible!

Step 1: View Your Ballot (see who your candidates will be)

Step 2: All NJ voters will be automatically mailed a ballot this year, but if you are a first time voter, you should request one. Request your ballot in NJ. If you are from a different state, click here to get info on voting in your state.

And learn how to fill out your mail-in ballot. Make sure you mail it or put it in a county drop box by November 3rd!

Step 3: Find Your Polling Place (if you intend to vote in person)

Find A Ballot Drop Off Location (Hint: There’s one at the Hackettstown Municipal building on Stiger Street!) You must drop off your ballot in the municipality in which you are registered.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask us a question Rachel.Danitz@centenaryuniversity.edu

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