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With 10 distinguished master’s degree programs, Centenary University provides students with the skills they need to take their careers to the next level. Our programs are designed to accommodate busy working professionals. Additionally, we’re committed to individualized student attention, which is why all classes are small in size and taught by dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.

Don’t just take our word for it.

See what graduate Ashley Woortman has to say about her experience at Centenary University:

Furthering your education by pursuing a graduate degree is a feeling like no other. I earned my Master of Arts in Education: Educational Leadership in 2015 and can’t express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity. I can remember my graduation day, sitting in the carefully lined chairs on a beautiful Saturday morning, trying to take in every moment of the ceremony. As I sat with my fellow graduates, I knew this degree would bring new career opportunities, as well as personal growth. Not only did I feel proud, but I was excited about what possibilities were ahead. I knew this degree would change my life. Here are just some of the most impactful and significant examples of what a master’s degree from Centenary University has afforded me:

Specialized Knowledge

I was able to gain knowledge that enhanced my credibility and expertise. Through my dedication to my major, my new knowledge helped me garner more respect among my colleagues and superiors.

Enhanced Professional Network

I had the honor of meeting various people who had similar career interests and goals. We have since kept in touch and continue to communicate, support, and help one another further advance in the workplace.

New Opportunities

I have been given several new career opportunities. For example, I am frequently asked to join work committees, I have had the opportunity to take on many new positions, and – even more rewarding – I now am able to mentor others.

Increased Earning Potential

My degree enabled me to receive a significant salary increase.

Lifelong Learning

Graduate school has made me hungry for knowledge. I even plan on returning to Centenary to earn my doctorate.

Centenary University has been like a second home for me. Pursuing my master’s degree in a setting where my personal growth was important to not only my professors but the University staff as well, made me feel like my future was in good hands. I can honestly say the advice and guidance I received during my time as a student has always been 100 percent genuine and valuable. I know my degree is an accomplishment that will continue to open new doors for me.

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