Centenary University Alert

Centenary University Alert: Please visit the Centenary University COVID-19 area of the website to learn the latest updates.

Living on Campus will be a very exciting and rewarding experience and allow you to take full advantage of many of the resources and activities occurring throughout the year on campus.

ANY New student who is interested in Living on Campus is asked to complete these three simple steps:

  1. Pay a housing deposit through the Student Billing office.
  2. Provide emergency contact information. Students may login using the username and password provided by IT. Once you login please click on your name in the top right corner, and select “Emergency Information”.
  3. Complete the Housing Preference Form. This form must be submitted (electronically) to the Office of Residence Life to assist with assigning roommates. Any student who has not submitted a roommate request will be assigned a roommate at random. Students will receive their housing information via their Centenary email address during the Summer after Fresh Start. Any Roommate requests can be made on the Housing Preference form or via email to residencelife@centenaryuniversity.edu

If you require housing accommodations, you must complete the Housing Accommodations Application and return it to the Disability Services Office by June 30th. For more information about housing accommodations, please visit our Disability Services website.

* Please know that if you are making a roommate request, both students must request each other and only each other for the request to be honored. 

How we select your roommate:

Each roommate paring is hand selected based off information gathered from the housing preference form. We try to match as many similar interest as possible between to the two roommates to help make getting to know your roommate that much easier. We understand though if you interest have changed prior to arriving to Centenary.

In the event that you and your roommate are not compatible, there is no need to worry.  You can ask the assistance of a Resident Assistant to sit with you and your roommate to complete a Roommate agreement, this tool is used by the majority of schools to help find common ground and compromises when living with a roommate. Please know there is a two week room freeze where no students are allowed to move room to allow the Office time to identify vacant spaces. If after the two weeks and the roommate agreement you and your roommate are still not meshing, you may seek the assistance of your Residence Director to discuss other options.

Graduate Student Housing Information

The Office of Residence Life now allows graduate students to live in university housing as space permits. Graduate students will occupy a single room in a Quiet living building, on a coed floor with shared bathrooms. The building does have laundry facilities and a kitchen facility for students to use.

Graduate students are expected to comply with all university rules and policies during their residency.

If students are interested they can follow the three steps outlined above.