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Centenary is proud to be the first university in the tri-state area to offer a bachelor's degree in business with a concentration in Social Media Marketing.

#theVIBE, The Social Media Center of Expertise, was designed to look and feel like a high-tech startup in New York — from the technology to the furnishings. It’s an environment designed, like social media, for knowledge to be shared instantaneously.

The Center Features:

  • A wall with four touchscreens that serves as a social media command center. Students can run analytics or view conversations that are happening around certain brands or people around the world.
  • An iMac computer lab. These wirelessly linked computers allow students to immediately try out what they’ve learned in class and share information with each other — as they’re learning it.
  • Moveable tables that allow for group work sessions. The tables can also be arranged in a classic classroom style for lectures backed by a large video screen.

Sharing as a Career

Our Social Media program is ideal for students interested in careers directly focused on social media, such as copywriting or strategy, as well as related careers in advertising and marketing. These are high-demand fields in which early career professionals can command salaries ranging from $60,000 a year for copywriters to more than $100,000 for social media marketing managers.

With our location just an hour and a half from New York, the city with the highest volume of social media jobs, you will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field. Many of our students have also found paid internships both locally and in the city.

No matter which field of business you choose, social media is sure to play a major role in how your company connects with its customers. Follow us @theVIBECU.

Open to All

When #theVIBE is not holding classes for its Social Media programs, it is open to all students who may have an interest in social media or simply want an interesting environment in which to study.

The Center also hosts weekly student events — from the live streaming of presidential debates to video game nights. Follow us @theVIBECU

What are people saying about us?


This is like a dream come true for me. I am very focused on academics and am interested in studying Social Media Marketing. It is wonderful that Centenary just started this program. The environment is so welcoming. I am thrilled to have been chosen for this honor and have the opportunity to study the field that I am so passionate about.
Christy Ackerman '20


Studying Social Media Marketing: Joey Littlejohn '16 Joey Littlejohn '16 will be one of our first students graduating with a Business Degree, concentration Social Media Marketing.


The program Centenary University is launching in Social Media will help fill the gap we see today in analytic talent and appears to be on the forefront of instilling the skills colleges should be teaching our future professionals.
Kevin Hartman
Google Head of Analytics
Consumer Goods and Entertainment Sector


#theVIBE will help ensure that the next generation of business leaders is able to harness the power of digital platforms and translate their online presence into tangible results. Cory Booker
U.S. Senator, New Jersey


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